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Know God in a Year #237 So Why Isn’t the War Over?

Unfortunately, when Jesus died this long controversy between God and Satan wasn’t over.
Jesus had won the war, but huge questions lingered in the universe–especially about death. Unless answered, evil would survive to rise again.
Security means full transparency. Even the walls of the New Jerusalem are described as transparent.* God had been operating with full disclosure for billions of years.
But then Lucifer challenged the Godhead. He wanted to be God–a creator. Since he couldn’t be, (he was created) dissatisfaction caused defection. (I think it took eons–with God always trying to reveal the truth about his choices and win him back).**
The problem for the angels was he had so hidden his real character in deception that none of the angels or unfallen beings saw through him. He focused his huge intellect on deceiving through doubt, challenging God’s boundaries, implying, “God is holding out on you.”***
His attack has always centered on God’s way–His law–His character. In God’s home, he said perfect beings shouldn’t need law.
After leaving, he said God’s law was impossible to keep.
And after he was successful with humans, he said God couldn’t forgive them, that mercy and justice were incompatible. Forgiving wasn’t just. But humans hadn’t experienced God’s love as he had.
After Jesus died, Satan said Jesus’ death destroyed the law.
But Jesus said his death established law–proved God’s goodness and justice–took our death so we could choose life.****
So for this confusion God gives time. Everyone must be fully convinced in his own mind.*****
*Revelation 20:10-11,  **Isaiah 14:12-14   My book on the beginning of evil–the story behind our creation, Love’s Playbook 1, is available at Amazon and on Kindle http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IESOQNW
*** Genesis 3:4-5  ****Satan’s twist on Colossians 2 and Romans 7/Jesus on law: Matthew 5:17-19, Romans 7:7-12 ***** Romans 14:4-5

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