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Know God in a Year #241 The Sabbath of No Rest

The priests have no rest that Sabbath. The events of the crucifixion keep replaying in their minds. They keep seeing Jesus, majestic and God-like, uncomplaining under abuse.
The ones on duty become as crazy men with the crowds asking for Jesus, or when men question them, asking them to explain the prophecies about Messiah’s suffering and death.
The priests at home keep remembering what Judas had told them of Jesus’ words, “He said he would be crucified and rise again on the third day.” They try to shut out these thoughts, but it is impossible.
 Finally, the council is called together, never mind that it is Passover Sabbath, or that yesterday they wouldn’t step through a Gentile doorway, they decide to go to Pilate about Jesus’ body.

“Sir,” the spokesman says, “we remember that this deceiver said ‘After three days I will rise again.’ Command that his tomb be made secure until the third day, so his disciples can’t steal his body and say he is risen from the dead. That would be worse than his claim.”

 “You have a guard,” says Pilate, growing more uneasy with every new bit of information, “Go make it as secure as you know how.”
They go and draw cords over the great stone acting as a door to Jesus tomb, fastening the ends to the solid rock with the Roman seal.  A Roman watch of one hundred soldiers is ordered.
But in God’s plan, they have simply  provided more witnesses for Jesus resurrection.
Matthew 27:62-67

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  1. Know God in a Year #241 The Sabbath of No Rest | God-in-a-Box–Your Inbox… for appreciating God

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