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Know God in a Year #242 Nothing Keeps God Down–The Resurrection

It is just before dawn on Sunday morning.
At Jesus’ tomb many soldiers are keeping watch, along with many beings they can’t see.  A great many evil angels are there with Satan hoping to keep the Son of God from coming out of his grave. But Jesus’ angels, excelling in strength, are there too.
Just as there was an earthquake when Jesus died, now another earthquake shakes the earth, as the mightiest angel, who took Lucifer’s place in heaven, comes to earth to call Jesus.
Soldiers, who have never been afraid of any human, shake with terror as they watch him remove the stone as easily as a pebble. They hear him call, “Son of God come out. Your Father calls you.”
They see Jesus walk out, radiant, and hear him say, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” He is the very one they had mocked, made a crown of thorns, and dressed as a king; the man some of them had nailed to the cross!
The dark angels flee, overcome by the brilliance and power of Jesus’ angels lighting the darkness as they welcome him with shouts of triumph and singing.
The soldiers, overcome by the light, faint. But as soon as the other world is hidden again, they recover, and as fast as their trembling legs will allow, they head straight to Pilate, shouting to those they meet their amazing news. “He is risen!”
Unfortunately, spies take their news to Jewish authorities immediately. The soldiers are intercepted, and directed to go to the priests and tell them before going to Pilate.
Matthew 28:2-4

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