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Know God in a Year #243 The Cover-Up

Roman soldiers are a strange sight, pale-faced and still-trembling, telling hastily- gathered priests what they have just experienced. They are too afraid to invent anything or even think about consequences. “It was the Son of God who was crucified!” one says.
“We heard an angel call him ‘Son of God’!” says another. “He said ‘Your father calls you’!”
Yet another adds, “We saw him walk out! He’s alive!”
The color drains from the priests’ faces, Caiaphas’ lips move, but nothing comes out.
The soldiers turn to leave when he finds his voice, “Wait, wait! Don’t tell anyone what you’ve seen. Say his disciples came and stole the body while you were sleeping.”
“What?” The soldiers are shocked. “But sleeping–” They stammer, heads clearing, horrified at the thought of taking on this crime–sleeping at your post is punished by death! Besides, if we had slept, we wouldn’t have known what happened.  And wouldn’t you priests have been first to accuse us? It makes no sense.
The priests offer than a great deal of money to misrepresent the event, saying they will get them off with Pilate (another bribe)–assuring them he won’t want the story out any more than they do. Satan has the priests in his control, trying desperately to kill the story.
The incredible news has already reached Pilate. Horrified, he determines to see no one. But the priests prevail with him and their plan to pervert the truth. Before consenting to go along with their scheme he examines the soldiers, who are afraid to hide anything from him, and he gets the full, completely compelling, unedited account.
Matthew 28:11-15

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