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Know God in a Year #244 Voices They Can’t Silence

Shocked that Jesus’ resurrection is real, the priests began fearing for their own lives. Satan goads them with fear of the people, prodding them to spread lies.
They can bribe the soldiers. They can even silence Pilate, but many had heard the resurrection story before the soldiers were gagged by the priests. And God provides other voices they can’t silence!
Certain dead people come to life with Jesus and speak to their loved ones and many others, giving credibility to his resurrection. They were those who had lost their lives for him–perhaps John the Baptist was one? No wonder Jesus didn’t rescue him! Lazarus has to stay on earth and die again, but John gets to go to heaven! Sometimes what seems unfair to us is God having a better idea.
Jesus, and those risen with him, are the wave sheaf presented the day after Passover Sabbath–the first fruits of the harvest. This Passover the real “first fruits” are a human harvest from earth. The voice that cried “It is finished!” had pierced the walls of rocks and graves near Jerusalem, and woke up his “sleepers” to be his witnesses.
But at his second coming, all those everywhere who have died in friendship with God will hear Jesus’ voice and come out to glorious everlasting life.*
To the believer, death is nothing to fear. It is a moment of silence–“sleep” as Jesus called it. Jesus gives immortality. We don’t naturally have it. As he said, “I AM the resurrection and the life.”** God is the source of life, only maintained by His presence.
Matthew 27:52-53,   *Isaiah 26:19,  1Thessalonians 4:13-18,  **John 11:25

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