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Know God in a Year #246 Joyful Surprise–He Waited!

Hearing Mary say, “His tomb is open!” Peter and John jump up and run to the tomb. She follows, and John, arriving first, stops at the doorway, but Peter runs inside. They see the folded grave clothes and Peter wonders, but John, in awe, thinks, he said he would rise again.

They walk back to Jerusalem passing Mary, shaking their heads.

She runs to the tomb, this time going in, her heart breaking. Mary sees the angels, and one says, “Woman, why are you weeping?”

“Someone’s taken my Lord, and I don’t know where he is.” She turns away, distraught, not even wondering or noticing who they are, focused on finding someone who can tell her.

As she goes outside, she sees someone else through her tears who says, “Why are you crying? Whom are you looking for?”

Supposing he is the gardener, she says, “Sir if you have taken him away, (if this rich man needs his grave) tell me where you have put him and I will take him away.” (Thinking of Lazarus’ empty tomb?)

“Mary,” Jesus says.

She recognizes that tone, that voice. She raises her head, It’s Him! Wiping her eyes, excitement flooding, she falls at his feet, exclaiming, “Master!”

“I waited for you.” Jesus says, “But I must go now, I haven’t seen My Father or heard His approval. Go tell my brothers I’ll see them soon; I’m ascending to My Father and yours.”

She runs to the others, feeling like she’s flying. “He’s alive! He’s alive! I have seen Jesus! I talked with him and he sent you a message!”

John 20:3-17,  Luke 24:12

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