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Know God in a Year #249 Joy Heals

On the way to Emmaus,  their traveling companion, the “stranger,” shares prophecy after prophecy. Cleopas and his friend look at each other. They can see hope rising in the other. Their hearts are throbbing with it as Jesus talks. Could it be Jesus’ death was supposed to happen? Had been planned before creation?
They reach their home, but Jesus acts as if he will continue; he waits, not assuming he will be invited in.
They beg him to stay with them, pointing out that it will soon be dark and unsafe to travel. Though they don’t yet know him, they love his words, wanting to hear more.
He goes in with them and sits down to share their simple evening meal of bread.
As He raises his hands to bless it, suddenly their eyes clear and they recognize him–especially the wounds from the nails. “Jesus!” they cry.  And He vanishes.
Now they jump up, forgetting all about eating, and their fatigue, “Didn’t our hearts burn as he talked with us on the way?” they say to each other, and they set out for Jerusalem.
Back they go, over the same eight-mile mountain road. It’s dark now and sometimes they slip, not seeing. Once they lose their way and find it again, talking constantly in wonder. All the while, they have an unseen companion, protecting them and enjoying their joy. Their hearts leap with it. The world seems all new.
They can’t get there fast enough! Can’t wait to say we have seen Him! He is alive!
Luke 24:27-33

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