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Know God in a Year #250 Peace

The two from Emmaus reach Jerusalem late at night. Knowing the eastern gate is left open on holidays, they hurriedly go to the upper room where the disciples have stayed since Thursday night. These two know that no one will sleep until they find out what has happened to Jesus’ body. They find the doors barred, and  knocking brings no answer or sound.
They give their names and the door is unlocked and opens. Unseen, Jesus enters with them.
Ten disciples overflow with excitement, saying, “Jesus is risen! Simon has seen Him!”
The two travelers, still catching their breath, tell about walking to Emmaus with Jesus, but not recognizing him. They tell how their hearts sparked with hope as he shared scriptures, and how they recognized him.
They’ve just finished, when everyone realizes someone else is in the room with them. No one knocked, no one came in, but they see Jesus, and are startled.
“Peace to you,” He says. They recognize him and his voice, but they are afraid, thinking he’s a ghost.
“Why do you doubt? Do you have anything to eat?” He asks, showing them his hands and feet. After he eats fish and honeycomb they’re convinced it’s really Him! And celebrating begins–they forget to be quiet!
Then he explains the scriptures speaking of his suffering, death, and resurrection the third day, and he commissions them to be his emissaries and wait here together to receive Ruach’s power.
We, also, are often afraid Jesus isn’t real; but He will speak peace to us, too, (It’s really Him!) if we open our hearts, and ask, “Stay with me; He will.”
Luke 24:33-48,  John 20:19-23

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