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Know God in a Year #252 More Surprises

At the end of Passover week, the disciples gladly head home, exhausted and ready for rest after all the trauma, anxiety, and excitement.
Seven of them are hanging-out, passing time until Jesus’ specified meeting in Galilee. It’s evening when Peter says, “I’m going fishing!” The others eagerly agree, and off they go.
So many memories are connected with this lake: being terrified and Jesus speaking to storms and fears, Jesus walking on water, (and Peter too), helping feed over ten thousand people with a few loaves and fish right there.
They are so different now, three years later. Not rich and honored as they’d imagined and hoped, but none-the-less changed. They have been mentored by the greatest teacher ever. They have become refined.
But they still love fishing. And besides, they are in need of food and clothes which a good night of fishing would supply.
As they work, they remember and talk about their memories, but become sad as they question their future. What is going to happen to them? No dreams of glory now.  And all night they’ve caught nothing. Discouragement takes over.
At dawn, they’re a hundred yards out and someone on shore calls, “Friends, do you have any fish?”
When they answer “No,” he laughs, “Try the right side of the boat.” (His side.)
Why do they do it without objection or wondering? Is it his voice? Something in them remembers and they automatically respond. The net is so full they can’t bring it in.
“It is the Lord!” half-whispers John.
Elated, Peter forgets fish, friends, and work! Grabbing his tunic–he dresses for Jesus–dives in and swims to Him.
John 21:1-7

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