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Know God in a Year #254 The Only Qualification

Peter was naturally self-sufficient and impulsive, and Satan had taken advantage of these characteristics to ruin him. But Jesus gives evidence of Peter’s transformation to himself and six other disciples.
Before His death, Jesus had warned Peter, assuring him that He had prayed for him so his faith wouldn’t fail. “When you are converted, strengthen your brothers, “Jesus had added.
So what is conversion? Peter already loved Jesus. But he didn’t trust Him more than himself.
Jesus’ repeated question demonstrates the change in Peter. Not one self-important, impetuous word is answered. He still has zeal, but regulated by the graciousness of Jesus. Now he is calm, self-possessed and teachablegained through his failure and facing himself. Now he is ready to minister.
Jesus asks one question, “Do you love me?” He shows the essential qualification to work for God–the only condition for discipleship and service.
After breakfast they walk down the beach. As they walk, Jesus reveals Peter’s future to him, privately, in order to strengthen him for it. “When you were young, you dressed yourself and went where you wanted, but when you are old others will undress you, stretch out your hands, and take you where you don’t want to go.” Looking into his eyes Jesus says, “Follow Me.”
Peter is not disheartened, he really could die for Jesus now. And Peter has just been reassured that he will be faithful! But it is a lot to digest, and seeing John walking behind, he redirects, “Lord, what about him?”
Jesus answers, “If I want him to live until I come, what’s that to you? You follow me.” Jesus is good with boundaries. How God leads someone else is none of our business.
John 21: 18-25

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