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Know God in a Year #256 Your Mission: Come

Jesus’ commission–to be loved and then to love– is your mission if you accept it, and includes everyone who hears and receives His love until this world ends. To everyone, He says, “Come.”
Receive Him, and you are gifted with Ruach’s marvelous power–active in you–co-mission. Don’t be afraid or worry how you will work for Him–stress debilitates. Simply accept His love daily; believe it, and say, “Come.” He works.
“Start in Jerusalem,” Jesus directed his disciples. Though it seems crazy, His murderers were to be first to receive His offer of mercy. Many had secretly believed, many more had been deceived by the priests and had rejected Him; yet these, and even the priests who deceived, were to be given another opportunity–all whose hearts would open.
Start with you–unbelieving though you may be. Let yourself be Loved by God. Just Come.
Link yourself to Jesus daily. Allow His life-giving energy to flow through you to others; or your love will lack, your faith grow flimsy.
Your work may be raising children in Jesus’ love. Who knows? The ripple-effect of their lives may go to the ends of the earth. He promised His presence, His protection, and His privileges to all believers to the end of time.
Called to heal? Jesus used simple, natural methods to accomplish great healings. Let your faith focus on His favor and all the resources at His command. Work in His Power.
Open yourself to God daily, and constantly receive a new supply of physical and mental energy–everything you need.
Matthew 28:18-20,  Mark 16:20,  Luke 24:46-49

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