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Know God in a Year #257 Going Home

A few weeks later, Jesus and his eleven leave the city and walk through the gates of Jerusalem. People watch in wonder. This same group, minus one, is walking with their leader who was crucified over a month ago! How can this be?
The disciples don’t know it’s their last time with Him. As they walk toward Gethsemane, Jesus sees the grape vine he’d used to illustrate divine connection. He restates His words, pausing at the garden, for them to recall the lessons of that painful night.
Jesus has been in the world for thirty-three years, and was never understood. Nevertheless, His love for them is unaffected. And now they know He is God.
Continuing to the top of Olivet, He stops near Bethany. He gathers them around, and with light shining from his face, He raises His hands, blessing them, assuring them of His presence and protection. As He speaks, a power stronger than gravity begins to raise Him from the earth while the awe-struck disciples stand watching, listening to His tender words…”I am with you always, even to the end of the world.”
Soon a bright cloud of angels receives him with the sweetest, most glorious music they have ever heard.
His guardian angels stay behind to give comfort, “Men of Galilee, why are you gazing up in amazement? Jesus will return again this same way.” Then they joyfully join the others escorting Him home.
Fear gone, the disciples are glowing with joy. Returning to Jerusalem, they share their  unforgettable experience of seeing Jesus go home.
Luke 24:50-53,  Acts 1:1-9

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