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Know God in a Year #259 The End and the Beginning

And so ends our journey through the life of Jesus. For a year we’ve walked with Him who gave us the best and clearest picture of God ever shared with humanity–“God with us.”
I hope you know God better, have fallen in love with Him through Jesus, and see the larger view of the war between good and evil. God won, even though it isn’t over. If you’d like to know more about that–the rise of evil in a perfect creation–see the first link below.*
April 25 “God-in-a-Box–Your Inbox” will start again. If you know anyone who would like to follow it, tell them!
This Easter to Easter cycle is difficult because every year it’s different, but it’s accurate because there are reasons to believe Jesus was actually born in the spring–for instance shepherds were with their flocks in the field at night, and Romans were requiring people to travel and register for a census.
If you’d like to go through it again, we’d love to have you along. If you’re signed up, do nothing–it will automatically come again. (I think.) If you aren’t signed up, it’s easy and free, sign up at http://Godhelps.net/God-in-a-Box  if you want it to come to your email inbox. There is also an RSS icon for your toolbar.
Thanks for joining me to walk through what I believe is the most important and beautiful life ever lived.
*My book, Love’s Playbook episode 1, tells the story of how evil came into a perfect creation and is available through Amazon http://www.amazon.com/author/arlacaraboolad
Check out the other episodes of Love’s Playbook: the Bible from a cosmic-war, good-God, family perspective! Episode 10 just came out.

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