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Know God in a Year #1 God’s Problem

Why would God come here?

And how could He?

If Adonai had to stop the warm hugs, the harmonious conversations, the joyful, affectionate laughter of Eden so His presence wouldn’t cause death to Adam and Eve, how could He be “God with us”?

And why would He want to?

Remember the perfect world God created? When God says something is “Very good,” it’s incredible!

But an enemy was present. How?

A beautiful creature, Lucifer, had become dissatisfied with being God’s perfect work. He wanted to be God.* Long before us, he began to separate himself from God and launch a deceptive campaign to exalt himself. Sin started in God’s home. Why?

Lucifer (later, Satan) became infatuated with his own beauty and jealous of God’s power. He insinuated against Love and caused doubt about Elohim and Their way of governing, eventually resulting in war. His malicious deception undermined and ruined many of his own kind and spread to ours.

God had a problem. Who They are had been challenged, Their character maligned.

But They were ready.

Elohim (Hebrew and plural!) had chosen to create beings who were capable of reason and choice because They wanted love and freedom. God’s one desire was to have children who love Them and each other. And only love that is chosen is true love. If choice is required, there must be real freedom where choices are honored.

So They weren’t surprised, just sad. And They were ready with a plan in place.

*Isaiah 14;12-17, Ezekiel 28:12-17

My new series Love’s Playbook tells this story in episode 1 The Real Story of Cosmic Love and War and is available at http://amazon.com/author/arlacaraboolad in both paperback and kindle.

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