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2 God on Trial

Introductory note: “In the beginning was God.” Literally the Hebrew is “Elohim”–plural–there is one God and three beings fill that position. So I call Them–Abba [aka Father], Adonai [aka Jesus], Ruach [aka Holy Spirit] in my series Love’s Playbook the Bible with backstory. These blogs reflect that. You may find it different in the beginning. I hope you grow to love it as I do.

We were created in love, and for love, but free to choose against it—this was God’s blueprint for the universe, this was our beginning.

Lucifer, in becoming Satan, had defected, had lied, and had seduced a human to “…be like God and know what He knows,” breaking the genetic code for the whole human race.

God could not force them back. Force is contrary to His character and government.

Love cannot be forced; it can only be awakened by love.

So in the planning of our creation, Adonai* had offered a remedy since love and freedom had been challenged. If humans failed, He would become a human and succeed. Then disadvantaged, broken, dual-natured beings could still see and choose God’s love.**

Satan’s purpose was to separate God from man. Succeeding with the first two, he worked to twist our perception of God into anger and fear, or distract us with pleasure.

However, separation from Elohim brought suffering, and the suffering made us look for God. Even though Satan blamed it on God.

Adonai proposed if He became a man (Jesus), He could enter our world without destroying us. Attraction to Jesus, believing that God is like Him, would reunite us with God, transforming us.

So God put Themselves on trial.*** And Jesus became the expert witness. His life and his willingness to suffer and die showed the effect of unselfishness (God’s love and character), the effect of selfishness (Lucifer’s true character), and the effect of evil (sin or separation from God causes death.)

*Exodus 6:3 (in the Masoretic text) Adonai is named as the one of three who fill the position of One God, who became our sovereign messenger before He became Jesus)   **Ephesians 1:1-10    ***Romans 3:4

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