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Know God in a Year #4 Blessed Beyond Belief

Nearly 2,000 years after creating earth, God’s plan was in trouble. Most humans were angry, blaming God. They decided to make their own rules, they didn’t need God–they were good enough.

Other people began creating gods like them–angry gods–violence was everywhere, even in religion.

God was seeking someone to really know and trust Them, someone through whom to offer an escape from what They were about to do–start over! It had gotten that bad!

They found Noah, who only saved his own family from the flood after preaching for 120 years! Talk about feeling like a failure!

Satan did his own preaching to the universe after that, “See! I told you! Either obey God, or They’ll kill you.” It was effective.

Ten generations later Abraham was willing to trust God enough for God to show the truth–Their true blueprint: Blessed Beyond Belief.*

The whole mosaic of Judeo-Christian Scripture gives a picture of God trying to be known, trying to show faithfulness and goodness. trying to find people who would trust Them enough to do it God’s way, so the universe could see Their true character. It was difficult with fearful, untrusting, independent beings.

God’s strategy was to draw everyone into trusting Them by showing blessing–what They could and would do for a person who trusted Them. Protection from Satan and the dark side was just the beginning.** It wasn’t easy with broken humans. Satan’s side made even His best kings miserable: David, and Solomon–God’s brief version of “Camelot”. But at least there were glimpses of God’s goodness–decades of  blessings.

Genesis 3:14-15, Genesis 6:5-13, 18, *Deuteronomy 8:7-10, **Genesis 15:1-6

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