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Know God in a Year #7 Our Do-over

The universe held it’s collective breath. God had started over before, would He do it again? The vast creation was on high alert–it was obvious humans couldn’t lift themselves out of evil.

It appeared that Satan was winning his campaign, misery and evil were rampant.

If God cleared the world again, as He certainly must, Satan was ready to blame God and spread rebellion to the rest of the universe.

But God had been carefully planning for this time. The universe had needed to see that humanity could not regenerate itself.

Now God was ready. The nations were mostly under Roman rule, and one language was predominant, especially in literature. Roman roads made transportation easier. Dispersed Jews returned yearly to Jerusalem, and would take back news of their Messiah.

Religion was corrupt. The Jewish system of symbols had become meaningless. Suffering and deception were intense. People longed for a God of love, who would address the pain of their existence and their fear of death.

Among the Jews were some who still looked for the One who would fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy, “…to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to bind up the brokenhearted.”*

Outside of the Jewish nation were men who had studied the prophecies of the Messiah and were expecting him.

Satan was confident he had won the war, when God stepped into human history.

Instead of wiping us out again, Adonai  would come as Jesus, humanity’s do-over, a helpless infant who would restore us to sanity and free us from demons that control choices.

Genesis 49:10,  Daniel 2:44  *Isaiah 61:1

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