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Know God in a Year #9 God Provides Emotional Support

How do you say, “An angel has told me I’m going to have the Messiah?”

“What?” says her father. “Messiah, a baby? You’re a good girl, Mary, but…?”

“Are you sure?” asks her mother. It was a lot to take in. Who could blame them for doubting?

I’m sure Mary had her own doubts. Did I dream that? Did it really happen? What will people think when I start to show? Will they believe me? Will they think I’m crazy? What will Joseph say?

What a relief it is to go visit her Aunt Elizabeth who is herself six months pregnant after being unable to conceive for 20 years. And then what a confirmation when her greeting brings a beautiful acknowledgement of her as the mother of the Messiah!

Elizabeth says the baby inside her jumped for joy when he heard Mary’s voice. Then she blesses Mary saying, “Happy is the woman who believes that the Lord’s words to her will come true.”

It is just what Mary needs. How good it is to be completely believed! To know that God has told someone else her secret–that she has been chosen–blessed beyond belief!”

And she responds with her own praise to God. “My whole self rejoices in God my Savior…” Zacharias realizes the significance of the occasion–that God’s Spirit has spoken through them and records it.*

Mary blooms in Zacharias’ and Elizabeth’s emotional support, which surely helps Jesus’ development, and she thoroughly enjoys three months of assisting Elizabeth before facing her struggle at home.

Luke 1:41-55

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