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Know God in a Year #10 God is Born on Earth!

No fanfare of trumpets, no royal display of human majesty accompanies God’s entrance into our world.  God wants His character to be the only attraction.

Prophecy had said Messiah would be born in David’s City.* And Caesar Augustus was God’s unknowing agent to bring Jesus’ mother to Bethlehem. Both Mary and Joseph are descendants of David and have come to register.

Evidently the donkey ride from Nazareth (about 90 miles) makes Jesus’ birth a bit sooner than Mary anticipated. From the city gate along the whole length of the street they inquire, but find nowhere to stay except a stable–most likely a cave.

Joseph is beside himself, Mary is having contractions!

A stable? Really, God? he thinks.

This, too, is by design; Joseph will be there. At home he would have been excluded, but Jesus must be birth-bonded to Joseph because “God is a loving father” will be his favorite teaching.

Humanity is mostly unaware that the greatest event in history is taking place. God is being born on earth! Staged in a tiny town a few miles from Jerusalem, among the poorest class.

Already his forerunner is born. That news has spread through the priests to prepare them. But Jerusalem is not preparing! Hearts calloused by love of money and honor are unaware, untouched by the joy thrilling through heaven.

Angels are amazed at the indifference of humans. They can hardly wait to tell somebody!  But they have orders and can only announce Him to those who are expecting Messiah’s coming.** Coming to earth–even to “the chosen”–they find only a few (and not leaders) who are looking for their Messiah.

Luke 2:1-6   *Micah 5:2   **Isaiah 44:3,  Psalm 112:4

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