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Know God in a Year #11 God’s Birth Announcement

In the same fields where David watched sheep as a boy, shepherds are lying by the fire, talking of the promised Messiah, unaware that a massive angel choir is waiting for their signal to burst into sight and song announcing the Christ’s birth. God sets up such sweet surprises for those who care.

Why shepherds? The messengers are sent to seekers.* Those who want to know, regardless of class.

The dark night is illumined by one angel in dazzling light and the shepherds shake.

“Don’t be afraid I bring you joyful good news…today in the city of David, Messiah has been born.” Gently he regards their need to adjust to the radiance by appearing alone first.

The angel knows that the shepherds immediately think of power and glory, exaltation of Israel, deliverance from Rome; such has been their conditioning. So he prepares them for Jesus’ poverty, “This will be your sign: you will find Him as a baby, swaddled, and lying in a manger.”**

Suddenly the whole hillside is brighter than day as the huge choir of angels can stay hidden no longer, and the shepherds are bathed in radiance and music.  Awed, they hear, “Glory to God in the Highest! Peace and favor have come to men!”

In a few minutes the brilliance and angels have disappeared.

The shepherds look at each other, “What was that?” asks one, awe in is voice.

“A manger?” asks another.

“Was that what I think it was?” ventures a third. “Isn’t that what we were just talking about?”

*Isaiah 44:3  **Luke 2:8-12

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