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Know God in a Year #12 The Unbelievable Reality

The shepherds collect themselves in the darkness, still seeing the brightest picture in their minds, still hearing the sweetest music, and say, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see what God has shared with us!”

They find Joseph and Mary and the baby in the manger under the star just as predicted. When they see Him they can’t keep the angel, his words, and all the singing angels to themselves. “…There were thousands of them!” they say, “…singing music like we’ve never heard!”

Mary recognizes Gabriel’s words to her* in theirs, and tucks these away inside also.

In their honor and excitement, the shepherds share with anyone who will listen. And everyone who hears is amazed.

Such radiance, joy, and excitement ironically begins Jesus’ “dark night of the soul” experience.

God becoming human would have been incredible to the universe when Adam was innocent and perfect in Eden, but Jesus took on our tattered humanity after 4,000 years of separation from God. Abba allowed His son to be born into the world Satan claimed as his, to fight our battle at the risk of failing.

Satan had become jealous of Adonai in heaven (before he became Jesus). He hated Him especially when, as Michael, He and his loyal angels had defeated Satan and his dissidents, and they’d had to leave.**

He can’t believe it. Save heaven? Yes. he thinks. But this? It is unthinkable–that God would become a human named Joshua*** to rescue fallen and ungrateful humanity! How can I fight this? He won’t even say his Aramaic name, but he trembles. This “man” must not succeed!

Luke 2:15-20  *Luke 1:26-38  **Revelation 12  (***Hebrew for Jesus)

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