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Know God in a Year #14 Confirmation of Messiah

Simeon just happens to walk into the temple while Jesus is being dedicated.

Just happens? No, Simeon has such a connection with God that he has heard Ruach tell him he will not die before he has seen the Messiah.

This morning he feels unusually drawn to the temple. Entering, he suddenly “knows” why he has come–here is the One he has waited for. With a joy surging up inside him, like nothing he’s ever felt before, he takes the baby from Mary and lifts him to God, exclaiming, “Lord, now let Your servant die in peace; Your promise is fulfilled for I have seen Your Anointed, a Light revealing God to all nations, and the glory of Israel.”

An old widow named Anna, having the gift of prophecy and also responding to Ruach, hears Simeon. She, too, comes over giving thanks and praise to God that she has been allowed to see “the Christ”, and begins telling everyone that Messiah has come.

The priest is astonished, shaken. Will he have the courage to share his experience?

Jesus’ parents are affirmed. But all is not bliss.

Most of Simeon’s words obscure Messiah’s suffering, but in kindness God prepares Mary with a hint of the pain ahead. He knows she does not understand her child’s mission. Right now she is joyfully remembering the shepherds’ words.

Even though she has already suffered because of him, she has no idea what is ahead. She expects him to be crowned king and sit on David’s throne.

Luke 2:25-38

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