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Know God in a Year #15 The Comfort of Foreshadowing

Simeon turns from praising God, to Mary, “This child is destined to be a sign which men reject.  The sword of sadness will pierce your heart also.”  he begins.

God is speaking prophetically through Simeon to prepare Mary for the rejection of Jesus. He continues, “Many in Israel will fall and rise again because of Him, and the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.”

Truly, the thoughts of all, from God to Satan, are exposed by Jesus’ life and death. We are living at the end of a cosmic struggle between good and evil. In the beginning of this war, Satan had accused God of being selfish, wanting power and worship, claiming all, but giving nothing for Their creatures.

What would you do if you were falsely accused? God put Themselves on trial before the universe.* Full disclosure.

In Adonai’s willingness to give, He becomes the human Jesus, the expert witness. They all suffer for love, and the Father’s heart is clearly shown (in joyful obedience to Him).

By dying, Jesus shows that evil causes death, even His. But He reverses death for all who choose love over evil.**

By instigating Jesus death, Satan’s true character as the selfish one is evident; his hatred and jealousy of God (and us) is made plain.

By our response to the character of Jesus we decide our future.

Even though evil discourages us, shocks us, and tries to destroy us, Abba heaps favor upon favor to restore us and says to Ruach, “Use My gifts to convince them that in loving Me will be their greatest happiness.”

*Romans 3:4 (NEB, KJV, RSV, NET, CEB)   Ezekiel 18:31,  Jeremiah 29:11,  **Hebrews 2:14

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