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#20 Why Jesus didn’t go to School

We know from the remarks of the rabbis that Jesus did not attend their schools. Yet they were amazed at his knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. The story of his first Passover in Jerusalem gives evidence of his original mind and independent thinking.

Jesus was homeschooled by his parents and God. His mother was his first teacher, the Holy Spirit and Joseph her aids. From them and God he learned the lessons He himself had written in nature and inspired in scripture. He studied the life of plants, animals, and man, always trying to understand the way things worked; and always with the desire to help others, especially relieving their suffering.

We don’t know how his parents decided to by-pass the rabbis’ schools, but we know we can teach our children to seek God, and Spirit and their angels will help. We know Jesus loved being outside alone with God.

God had asked parents to teach children about Him, the great I AM, from infancy, helping them establish their own relationship with Him.*

In Jesus’ day, the town that neglected religious education of children was regarded by the religious authoritiesas cursed. But the schools of the prophets had become focused on behavior. Students were kept so busy that they had no time to pursue a personal experience with God in Scripture–there was no teaching them to get alone with God and experience His Presence.

So His chosen people missed the most important education–the one coming from connecting with the Source of Life. Their religious training actually took them away from God!

Luke 2:41-52, John 7:15-17, *Deuteronomy 6:6-7, 11:18-20

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