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Know God in a Year #2 God Puts Himself on Trial!


“In the beginning was God” (literally “Elohim”–plural–there is one God and three beings fill that position. So I refer to Them as They–Abba [aka Father], Adonai [aka Jesus], Ruach [aka Holy Spirit]. We were created in love, and for love, but free to choose against it—this was God’s blueprint for the universe, and this was […]

Know God in a Year #1 God’s Problem


Why would God come here? And how could He? If He’d had to stop the warm hugs, the kindred conversations, the joyful, affectionate laughter of Eden so His presence wouldn’t cause death to Adam and Eve, how could He be “God with us”? And why would He want to? Remember the perfect world God created? When […]

Know God in a Year–Introduction to God-in-a-Box


Do you ever want more from life? Ever feel empty? A longing for you-don’t-know-what? It really isn’t a malfunction. God put that in you to lead you to Him–the One who satisfies. Years ago I read a book touted to be the #1 book on Jesus’ life in the U.S. Library of Congress. But it […]

Know God in a Year #259 The End and the Beginning


And so ends our journey through the life of Jesus. For a year we’ve walked with Him who gave us the best and clearest picture of God ever shared with humanity–“God with us.” I hope you know God better, have fallen in love with Him through Jesus, and see the larger view of the war […]

Know God in a Year #258 The Party of Parties


The City of God overflows with music and shouts of triumph, joy, and praise, as Jesus’ entourage gets close. All of heaven is waiting to welcome Jesus and those he’s taking back as first-fruits–those who were resurrected with him. Commanders, rulers and representatives from unfallen worlds are there to welcome Him home, eager to honor […]

Know God in a Year #257 Going Home


A few weeks later, Jesus and his eleven walk through the gates of Jerusalem, leaving the city. People watch in wonder. This same group, minus one, is walking with their leader who was crucified over a month ago! How can this be? The disciples don’t know it’s their last time with Him. As they walk […]

Know God in a Year #256 Your Mission: Come


Jesus’ commission–to be loved and then to love– is your mission if you accept it, and includes everyone who hears and receives His love until this world ends. To everyone, He says “Come.” Receive Him, and you are gifted with His marvelous Spirit’s power–active in you–co-mission. Don’t be afraid or worry how you will work […]

Know God in a Year #255 Finding Fulfilment


Before his death, Jesus had set up a time and place to meet his followers in Galilee. He had been followed by a large number of people off and on, and he wanted them to see him again, risen, and hear his commission. The angels at His empty tomb reminded the women of this meeting, […]

Know God in a Year #254 The Only Qualification


Peter was naturally self-sufficient and impulsive, and Satan had taken advantage of these characteristics to ruin him. But Jesus gives evidence of Peter’s transformation to himself and six other disciples. Before His death, Jesus had warned Peter, assuring him that He had prayed for him so his faith wouldn’t fail. “When you are converted, strengthen […]

Know God in a Year #253 Miracle of Restored Hearts


It’s Peter’s nature to be impulsive–and he’s been forgiven most so should love Jesus most. The other six bring in the boat and the catch, and find Jesus with a fire, bread, and fish. “Bring some fish, come and eat,” invites Jesus. Peter helps drag the net in. When finished, they sit down, in awe. […]