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Know God in a Year #253 Miracle of Restored Hearts


It’s Peter’s nature to be impulsive–and he’s been forgiven most so should love Jesus most. The other six bring in the boat and the catch, and find Jesus with a fire, bread, and fish. “Bring some fish, come and eat,” invites Jesus. Peter helps drag the net in. When finished, they sit down, in awe. […]

Know God in a Year #252 More Surprises


At the end of Passover week, the disciples gladly head home, exhausted and ready for rest after all the trauma, anxiety, and excitement. Seven of them are hanging-out, passing time until Jesus’ specified meeting in Galilee. It’s evening when Peter says, “I’m going fishing!” The others eagerly agree, and off they go. So many memories […]

Know God in a Year #251 Choice is Power


When Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room, Thomas wasn’t there. When he hears they have seen Jesus, he is bitterly disappointed, and determined not to believe until he sees Jesus alive for himself. He is wounded that everyone but him has seen his Lord, and broods for a week. He repeatedly tells […]

Know God in a Year #250 Peace


The two from Emmaus reach Jerusalem late at night. Knowing the eastern gate is left open on holidays, they hurriedly go to the upper room where the disciples have stayed since Thursday night. These two know that no one will sleep until they find out what has happened to Jesus’ body. They find the doors […]

Know God in a Year #249 Joy Heals


On the way to Emmaus,  their traveling companion, the “stranger,” shares prophecy after prophecy. Cleopas and his friend look at each other. They can see hope rising in the other. Their hearts are throbbing with it as Jesus talks. Could it be Jesus’ death was supposed to happen? Had been planned before creation? They reach […]

Know God in a Year #248 When Life Doesn’t Make Sense


It’s late Sunday afternoon. Two followers of Jesus are walking the eight miles home to Emmaus after being in Jerusalem for Passover. They’re talking about Jesus death, and their sadness and confusion over the news of the empty tomb. They are joined by a stranger, but don’t realize that it’s Jesus. They’re intent on their […]

Know God in a Year #247 God Loves to Honor the Unlikely


Later that Sunday, Jesus appears to all the women and says, “My ladies, look, all of you! I am alive! Go tell the disciples, and Peter, to go to Galilee and I will meet them there.” Jesus first appears to women! They were considered less than men, usually property, and Jesus honors and comforts them […]

Know God in a Year #246 Joyful Surprise–He Waited!


Hearing Mary say, “His tomb is open!” Peter and John jump up and run to the tomb. She follows, and John, arriving first, stops at the doorway, but Peter runs inside. They see the folded grave clothes and Peter wonders, but John, in awe, thinks, he said he would rise again. They walk back to Jerusalem passing […]

Know God in a Year #245 God’s Joyful Plan


Very early Sunday morning women are on their way to Jesus’ tomb from different directions. They feel the earthquake and suddenly think of the huge stone doorway, unaware of what’s happening right then, a mile or so away. Mary Magdalene reaches the grave before the others, and horrified at seeing it open, immediately sets off […]

Know God in a Year #244 Voices They Can’t Silence


Shocked that Jesus’ resurrection is real, the priests began fearing for their own lives. Satan goads them with fear of the people, prodding them to spread lies. They can bribe the soldiers. They can even silence Pilate, but many had heard the resurrection story before the soldiers were gagged by the priests. And God provides other […]