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Know God in a Year #124 Refreshed by Acceptance


After needed rest, Jesus and the twelve leave Phoenicia and sail across the lake to Decapolis between Gergesa and Gadara, where the demoniacs had been healed, and the people were afraid of him. This time, word gets out that Jesus is back, and the people come looking for him. Jesus heals a man who can’t […]

Know God in a Year #123 Defeating Pride and Prejudice


Jesus wants more than simply healing the Phoenician woman’s daughter. He wants to tear down the walls that exist between Israel and all others. He wants to teach them that God loves everyone. All are heirs to His gifts and blessings, along with the Jews. But the disciples are slow learners. Their prejudice is long-standing […]

Know God in a Year #122 Learning Acceptance


After the confrontation in Capernaum, Jesus takes his disciples to the hills bordering Phoenicia for the rest he had hoped for on the north shore. But more importantly, he is putting himself in the path of a Greek Canaanite woman who is seeking him for her possessed daughter–creating another template for his disciples of God’s […]

Know God in a Year #121 The Loop Hole


The Pharisees taught that the fifth commandment could be set aside if children devoted their property to the temple. It was a tradition called “Corban” and considered more sacred than their duty to take care of aging parents. A  son could pronounce “Corban”–meaning devoted to God–over his property, and this would allow him to use […]

Know God in a Year #120 Tradition!


It is the third Passover since Jesus began his ministry. The Pharisees and scribes have carefully thought out a trap for him. Knowing this, Jesus avoids them, but they seek him out asking, “Why don’t your disciples observe the traditions of the elders?” Necessary background is: the traditions, added to the law to “help” people […]

Know God in a Year #119 Why Push Choice?


Why did Jesus push a choice now when he knew many would leave? He knows the twelve are bound to him by love, but the influence of those only wanting glory for Israel or themselves will detract from their education. Strong ties would be formed that would make their defection during his passion even more […]

Know God in a Year #118 “A Hard Saying”


Jesus now pushes the metaphor further. He quotes their belief from Isaiah, “All shall be taught of God…”* and shows the law of attraction at work–only those attracted to the Father’s love can learn from him. “I am the bread of life. Your fathers ate manna and are dead, but this bread a man eats […]

Know God in a Year #117 Proof Proves Unbelief


Jesus clearly claims to be their Messiah, and then he adds, “You have seen Me, but don’t believe.” They had seen him through the evidence of how he treated them, the Spirit’s power accompanying his words and acts. If they refused to believe this, further demonstration would be pointless. Unbelief can reason away proof, and […]

Know God in a Year #116 “Prove It!”


The people believed Moses had fed manna to their ancestors in the wilderness for 40 years. But they had been mis-educated to expect more from the Messiah. They couldn’t understand why Jesus would refuse to be their king–if he was the Messiah. So now a rabbi questions, half in jest, “What sign can you give […]

Know God in a Year #115 Necessary Crisis


Disappointed people will turn against you. Jesus knows that not fulfilling Israel’s expectations of him will cause a turning point, changing their praises to curses. But it can’t be avoided. Their misperceptions of his kingdom have to be corrected, they must be undeceived. Their desires are for power, wealth, and greatness. He came to heal […]