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Know God in a Year #133 Contrasts


As Jesus and the three come down the mountain the sun is rising. They have been on the mountain all night. Each is wrapped in his own thoughts, they are silent and awed, processing. Then Jesus says, “Don’t tell anyone what you saw until I am risen from the dead.” Why does he keep talking […]

Know God in a Year #43 The Power of Choice is All-Powerful


The same commanding voice that made Mt. Sinai quake, now rings through the temple, “Get these things out of here!” Once again the people tremble. The priests and vendors rush to get away. The cords in his hand seem like a terrible scourge even though no one is hit. The racketeers leave their money trying […]

Know God in a Year #42 A Flash of Divinity


From the wedding, Jesus and his six friends spend a few days with his family in Capernaum. Then leaving for Jerusalem to attend Passover–his first since entering his ministry–they walk with a large crowd. It’s Spring, the people are light-hearted,¬†green grass and flowers decorate the countryside, and the conversation always goes to talking about Messiah […]