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Know God in a Year #251 Choice is Power


When Jesus appeared to the disciples in the upper room, Thomas wasn’t there. He hears they have all seen Jesus, and he is bitterly disappointed, determined not to believe until he sees Jesus alive for himself. He is wounded that everyone but him has seen his Lord, and broods for a week. He repeatedly tells […]

Know God in a Year #64 The “I Know” Mind


When people think they know you, it can prevent really knowing you. Jesus had grown up among the people of Nazareth, they had watched him develop from childhood, so they were resistant to seeing him as anything but “the carpenter’s son.” They’d heard about his miracles, and were hoping for some. But there was another […]

Know God in a Year #60 How to Handle Doubt


John the Baptist was first to introduce Jesus to the people as their Messiah. He is also first (outside of Mary and Joseph) to share the honor of His suffering. Suffering is honor? When God trusts you to stay loyal, it is an honor. Herod respects John as a holy man and likes listening to […]

Know God in a Year #247 God Loves to Honor the Unlikely


Later that Sunday, Jesus appears to all the women and says, “My ladies, look, all of you! I am alive! Go tell the disciples, and Peter, to go to Galilee and I will meet them there.” Jesus first appears to women! They were considered less than men, usually property, and Jesus honors and comforts them […]