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Know God in a Year #19 Child Development


After Herod’s death, Joseph was directed to return home to Nazareth. In this poor mountain village, Jesus developed according to the natural stages of childhood, learning who he was. Significant is the brief account of His early years. “The child grew…strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and…in favor with God and man.” Two statements that […]

Know God in a Year #204 New Symbols of New Life


The system of ceremonies pointing to Jesus’ death for 4,000 years is ending. The lamb provided by God is fulfilling it, offering the gift of His Life and Presence. After accepting instruction that serving in no way detracts from dignity, and having their hearts washed, the disciplesĀ feel clean–forgiven. In their new state of humility and […]

Know God in a Year #73 Daring to Hope


Leprosy was the kiss of death then. And not only are you doomed, but the diagnosis comes heavy with humiliation–everyone believes it is God’s judgment for sin. There are no exceptions, even priests and kings have to leave society and live only with other lepers. Most Lepers don’t seek healing. That hadn’t happened since Elisha, […]

Know God in a Year #46 Seriously?


Jesus knows Nicodemus feels secure in God’s favor, believing that his good deeds and liberal giving earn him a place in God’s kingdom. So Jesus goes deep, saying, “You can’t enter God’s kingdom unless you are born again.” Birth was a common metaphor used for converts to Judaism. This isn’t a foreign concept to him, […]