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Know God in a Year #39 Boundaries are Healthy


Jesus’ mother also knew of John’s ministry; she remembered his birth and the prophecies about him. She wondered… but was glad to have Jesus with her, especially after Joseph’s death. Such mixed feelings come when he kisses her good-by to go find John. Now she hears of his baptism and that he hasn’t been seen since. She […]

#59 Dependence on God is Acquittal


Jesus before the Sanhedrin begins by saying, “Sabbath healing is consistent with God’s law. He maintains the universe–even on Sabbath. And I work with Him.” The priests become indignant, “He’s claiming equality with God! This is blasphemy!” They get it. He is not claiming sonship as they do. He is claiming to be One in nature and will with the Father. Jesus refuses […]

#50 An Appointment with a Samaritan Woman


When Jesus hears about the Pharisees stirring up jealousy, he and his few disciples leave Judea and quietly go to Galilee, passing through Samaria. The pride of the beautiful valley of Shechem is a well, built by Jacob.  Jesus is tired, hot, and hungry after walking all morning. It is noon, so his friends offer to go into the city and buy […]