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Know God in a Year #40 Expectations and Boundaries


Jesus’ boundary for his mother, “This is not my concern, nor my time,” were about her expectation, not her request. Everyone expected the Messiah to set up his kingdom then. His words address this expectation–it is not time to be king. They don’t understand that first Jesus has to show the universe God’s love, and […]

#41 The Contrast between God and Religion


Who would have thought that Jesus first public appearance, after being announced Messiah, would be to attend a wedding! His plan to show what God was like was to come and be with us as a man; but his first event, a wedding? his first miracle, blessing human joy? How unreligious! Religious leaders at that […]

#39 The Wedding


Jesus’ mother also had heard of John’s ministry; she remembered his birth and the prophecies about him. She wondered… but was glad to have Jesus with her, especially after Joseph’s death. Such mixed feelings came when he kissed her good-by as he went to find John. She has heard of his baptism and that he […]