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#25 Jesus’ Identity


The critical decade for identity is considered to be age 16-26, being built on the foundation of birth to 7. Did Jesus identity form his religion? Or his religion form his identity? Hard to say; he was connected to God from birth, forming both his identity and religion. Connected from birth? Yes, he was the one […]

#24 Jesus life before Ministry


In Jesus’ time, religion had become synonymous with rules. But even as a child, Jesus ideas about religion were different than those of the rabbis and priests. His whole approach to life and religion were one: to bless others as he understood God blessing everyone regardless of their class or situation. He knew God personally […]

#162 Jesus and Children


Jesus loves children, finding their pure openness refreshing. Little hearts are tender and impressionable, open to Spirit and strong to remember his stories–his kingdom. If parents give them every opportunity to learn of God’s love when they are young and their characters susceptible, they won’t grow up hard-hearted. Many regard true affection as weakness; their happiness is ruined because their […]