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Know God in a Year #250 Peace


The two from Emmaus reach Jerusalem late at night. Knowing the eastern gate is left open on holidays, they hurriedly go to the upper room where the disciples have stayed since Thursday night. These two know that no one will sleep until they find out what has happened to Jesus’ body. They find the doors […]

Know God in a Year #98 Pure Peace


Jesus has spent the day by the lake telling stories to a huge crowd. Day after day he has taught and healed, meeting their needs, answering their questions. The crowd pressed him until he barely had time to eat. Today he told parables illustrating his work and the growth of his kingdom: the sower, the […]

#69 Teaching at Capernaum


Jesus loved Capernaum. It came to be known as “his city” and its situation made a convenient center for his work. Being on the road that ran between Damascus, Jerusalem, Egypt and the Mediterranean, he couldĀ mingle with rich and poor, Jew or Gentile, eitherĀ in their leisure or their business. From here his words and works […]