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Know God in a Year #122 Learning Acceptance


After the confrontation in Capernaum, Jesus takes his disciples to the hills bordering Phoenicia for the rest he had hoped for on the north shore. But more importantly, he is putting himself in the path of a Greek Canaanite woman who is seeking him for her possessed daughter–creating another template for his disciples of God’s […]

Know God in a Year #121 The Loop Hole


The Pharisees taught that the fifth commandment could be set aside if children devoted their property to the temple. It was a tradition called “Corban” and considered more sacred than their duty to take care of aging parents. A  son could pronounce “Corban”–devoted to God–over his property, and this would retain it for his use […]

Know God in a Year #120 Tradition!


It is the third Passover since Jesus began his ministry. The Pharisees and scribes have carefully thought out a trap for him. Knowing this, Jesus avoids them, but they seek him out, asking why his disciples do not observe the traditions of the elders. Necessary background is that the traditions, added to the law to […]

Know God in a Year #117 Proof Proves Unbelief


Jesus clearly claims to be their Messiah, and then he adds, “You have seen Me, but don’t believe.” They had seen him through the evidence of how he treated them, the Spirit’s power accompanying his words and acts. If they refused to believe this, further demonstration would be pointless. Unbelief can reason away proof, and […]

Know God in a Year #114 Who Do You Depend On?


Peter is given an opportunity to learn his need of dependence, from walking on water, and avoid the painful failure coming. This is God’s answer to Jesus’ prayer. He hopes this experience will teach all of them their need to depend on God. He knows the disillusionment that is ahead for them, and the temptations […]

Know God in a Year #96 Come


Most of those who followed Jesus were not critical like the Pharisees or His brothers. Some were just curious, but many were spiritually hungry, honest-hearted seekers. To them He said, “Come to me all you who work hard and carry heavy loads. I will give you rest.” He wants all of us to feel loved, […]

Know God in a Year #90 Being Real


Pretending to be God’s is worthless. Unless you love truth, it becomes a curse, twisting and strangling love, and making you judgmental. Jesus shows how far God’s principles reach: If you indulge pornography, you violate women and yourself–you will soon be addicted. If you hold on to hate and anger, you are starting down the […]

Know God in a Year #89 The Law that Protects Happiness


The religious leaders are mistaken; to them it sounds like Jesus is destroying their law. They hear him say, “I haven’t come to destroy law but to fulfill it…” but they don’t get that they have muddied obedience. He’s merely clearing away the trash they’ve  piled on top of the law’s principles. God gave his […]

Know God in a Year #87 Choosing Happiness


“Happy are the meek,” Jesus continues. Meekness is being teachable. It is not poor self-image. It is being open to God, asking and accepting His guidance. It requires believing God loves you, which with its companion self-control, are the highest sign of nobility in God’s kingdom. Even knowing he was the Messiah, and having the […]

Know God in a Year #85 The Healing Power of Love


All of the disciples had negative traits, each of them different. But God takes us, broken as we are, and makes us channels of Their love and goodness to others. How? Before our creation, the Godhead had decided that if somehow man was overcome by Their enemy, man must be the channel to show God’s love […]