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Know God in a Year #254 The Only Qualification


Peter was naturally self-sufficient and impulsive, and Satan had taken advantage of these characteristics to ruin him. But Jesus gives evidence of Peter’s transformation to himself and six other disciples. Before His death, Jesus had warned Peter, assuring him that He had prayed for him so his faith wouldn’t fail. “When you are converted, strengthen […]

Know God in a Year #227 Compassion Prevails


The cross made for Barabbas is laid on Jesus’ bleeding shoulders. He tries to carry it and falls. All night he’s been under stress, no sleep, nothing to eat or drink, walking from place to place, subjected to horrible abuse. The garden experience alone would have killed him; but strengthened by an angel, he went […]

Know God in a Year #163 What am I Missing?


A wealthy young government official watches Jesus with the children. His heart stirs; a desire for the love and tenderness Jesus gives them causes an impulsive reaction. He runs after Jesus when he leaves, feeling drawn to him. “Good master,” he begins not sure of what to say, “how can I get eternal life?” Jesus […]

Know God in a Year #161 Mother Love


In Jesus time it was customary to bring children to rabbis to be blessed. Ruach gives an unnamed mother the idea to take her baby to Jesus. Before leaving, she tells one of her friends, who decides to bring her child too. By the time these mothers find Jesus, there is a group of them […]

Know God in a Year #160 The One Necessity


Lazarus is a man of strong faith and love. The first time Jesus meets him there is instant connection, and Jesus is welcomed to come to his house anytime. Jesus often visits him in his home, shared with his sisters, Mary and Martha. Here he finds the tenderness and affection of a surrogate family where […]

#158 An Inside Job


“When is the kingdom of God coming?” some Pharisees demand of Jesus. “John preached its arrival three years ago…” They could see nothing to indicate the kingdom had come, and were insinuating that he had failed. “You won’t see it, because God’s kingdom is within you,” Jesus answers, implying that neither he or John had […]

Know God in a Year #155 Only Open Hearts Receive


Bitterly, the Pharisees, scribes, and teachers follow Jesus in Galilee, intent on finding a reason to kill him. They are terrified of his influence, and try to condemn his teaching. So he hides his meaning in symbols to prevent grounds for accusation. During these last six months of ministry, he speaks mostly in parables. Some […]

Know God in a Year #122 Learning Acceptance


After the confrontation in Capernaum, Jesus takes his disciples to the hills bordering Phoenicia for the rest he had hoped for on the north shore. But more importantly, he is putting himself in the path of a Greek Canaanite woman who is seeking him for her possessed daughter–creating another picture for his disciples of God’s […]

Know God in a Year #121 The Loop Hole


The Pharisees taught that the fifth commandment could be set aside if children devoted their property to the temple. It was a tradition called “Corban” and considered more sacred than their duty to take care of aging parents. A  son could pronounce “Corban”–meaning devoted to God–over his property, and this would allow him to use […]

Know God in a Year #120 Tradition!


It is the third Passover since Jesus began his ministry. The Pharisees and scribes have carefully thought out a trap for him. Knowing this, Jesus avoids them, but they seek him out asking, “Why don’t your disciples observe the traditions of the elders?” Necessary background is the traditions added to the law to “help” people […]