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Know God in a Year #77 An Outcast is Included


The Jews hated those of their own race who worked for Rome, especially the tax collectors. Not only were they continually reminded of their subservient status by “these traitors,” but they were fleeced by them. Such was Matthew. He had heard Jesus teach, and his heart had opened to Him. He had wished for Jesus’ […]

Know God in a Year #76 The Plot Thickens


(Continued from yesterday…) Jesus fixes his gaze on the rabbis and doctors of law sitting near. They shrink as he speaks their thoughts and says, “Why do you think evil of me? Do you think it’s easier to say ‘arise and walk,’ or ‘your sins are forgiven’? But just so you know that Messiah has […]

Know God in a Year #68 How to be Chosen by God


Jesus wasn’t against education. When controlled by love, intellect is a blessing. But the educated in his time and culture were generally so self-focused and bigoted, they couldn’t be taught. He chose men of natural talent, who weren’t full of tradition and false self or false theories, as followers. Jesus could teach them because they were […]

Know God in a Year #67 When You “Get” Who He Is


Peter’s discouragement smacks right into Jesus’ supply, and seeing that Jesus has all of nature in his control, he forgets all about boats and fish. While the others secure the catch, he drops at Jesus’ feet, holding on and exclaiming, “Lord, leave me, I am a sinful man!” Daniel and Isaiah had exactly that same […]

Know God in a Year #65 Questioning Beliefs can be Healthy


(continued from Friday) The church service breaks up and the people, inflamed by their self-importance, grab Jesus and take him out of town to the edge of a cliff intending to throw him over, (the first step in a stoning), when suddenly they can’t find him. His guardian angels step in and hide him. He […]

Know God in a Year #57 Cooperation and Opposition


The healed man might have sabotaged his chance for healing. He might have recited all the reasons why he believed he was doomed. Jesus hadn’t offered help. He just told him to get up and walk. But the man sets his will to do what Jesus says, and new life surges as he acts on […]

Know God in a Year #54 A Flash of Insight


After Samaria, Jesus heads back to Cana, but passes by Nazareth,  saying a prophet is honored everywhere but his hometown. Word quickly spreads that Jesus is back in Judea. A Jewish gentleman, an officer of the king, has a son in Capernaum who is dying. The doctors have given up on him, when his father […]

Know God in a Year #53 Radically Changed


As Jesus’ friends walk up, the woman leaves. Forgetting Jesus’ thirst, what she was doing, and her water jug,  she runs to the leading men of the city with her discovery, “Come and see a man that told me my life, could this be the Messiah?” Only looking at her they perceive a change; she […]

Know God in a Year #49 Jealousy


John’s popularity is waning, and Satan sees an opportunity to stir up rivalry. Some rabbis “notice” Jesus’ crowds are growing, while John’s are dwindling daily. So they ask John’s disciples why Jesus’ disciples should baptize, since that is John’s thing. Upset and defensive, John’s disciples ask him if he is aware that Jesus’ disciples are baptizing–that […]

Know God in a Year #46 Seriously?


Jesus knows Nicodemus feels secure in God’s favor, believing that his good deeds and liberal giving earn him a place in God’s kingdom. So Jesus goes deep, saying, “You can’t enter God’s kingdom unless you are born again.” Birth was a common metaphor used for converts to Judaism. This isn’t a foreign concept to him, […]