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Know God in a Year #152 Does God Force Us to Believe?


Jesus tours Galilee for the last time. Setting out for Samaria, he sends James and John ahead for lodging. His final destination is Jerusalem for Passover and somehow the Samaritans discover this. They are offended thinking Jesus prefers Jews to them, and won’t accommodate them. Rivalry! James and John are angry! Samaritans have welcomed him […]

Know God in a Year #151 Choose Abundant Life


Did you know God doesn’t motivate through fear? Not even fear of hell or punishment! They don’t force. It’s not Their way. AndĀ fear would be force. And if you make God sound harsh and severe, demanding submission, you’re “a thief coming to kill and destroy.” That’s what Jesus tells the people! Satan was the first […]

Know God in a Year #101 Sent Away


The people of Gadara were engrossed in materialism–not interested in spiritual life. Jesus permitted the loss as a merciful way to refocus them, but fear has them now, and they ask Jesus to leave. He understands. Loss, fear and the supernatural create superstition. As he walks to the boat, the two healed men beg to […]