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Know God in a Year #114 Who Do You Depend On?


Peter is given an opportunity to learn his need of dependence, from walking on water, and avoid the painful failure coming. This is God’s answer to Jesus’ prayer. He hopes this experience will teach all of them their need to depend on God. He knows the disillusionment that is ahead for them, and the temptations […]

Know God in a Year #87 Choosing Happiness


“Happy are the meek,” Jesus continues. Meekness is being teachable. It is not poor self-image. It is being open to God, asking and accepting His guidance. It requires believing God loves you, which with its companion self-control, are the highest sign of nobility in God’s kingdom. Even knowing he was the Messiah, and having the […]

Know God in a Year #70 Freedom!


As Jesus teaches in the synagogue at Capernaum, God’s sweet presence rests on the people. The relaxed peace combined with the genuineness and confidence of Jesus wraps around them as if heaven has come. He speaks of the kingdom of love he has come to establish, and his mission to free Satan’s prisoners. Suddenly, he […]

#86 How to be Happy


Jesus loved teaching the people out under the trees, on a green hillside, or by the lake, anywhere outside. This morning after choosing his core group of committed followers, he leads them and the people already coming, to a wide, level place on the mountain. The disciples gather close expecting something special. They and the […]

#79 The Wisdom of Jesus


Rather than show John’s disciples where they are wrong, Jesus chooses illustrations from their life to combat the Pharisees insinuations that he is religiously incorrect and dangerous. He starts with John’s metaphor of a wedding and adds two more. “No one uses new pieces of cloth to patch an old garment, because when it’s washed […]

#78 Confronting Contention


The Pharisees don’t speak to Jesus about their disapproval. They go to his disciples and question them about Jesus’ behavior, hoping to cause doubt and contention among them, knowing that will wound him more. This has Satan written all over it–using the same tactics as he had used in heaven. Drama and alienation are activated […]

#75 Forgiveness


A paralyzed man in Capernaum is helpless and dying. Friends tell him of Jesus’ healing power, but he doubts Jesus would want him in his presence. He knows his illness came from his sin and so refuses hope. Finally, his friends convince him to let them carry him to Peter’s house where Jesus is teaching. […]

#73 Daring to Hope


Leprosy was the kiss of death. And not only were you doomed, but the diagnosis came heavy with humiliation–everyone believed it was God’s judgment for sin. There were no exceptions, even priests and kings had to leave society and live only with other lepers. Most Lepers didn’t seek healing. That hadn’t happened since the prophet¬†Elisha, […]

#16 A Star for the Magi


God is always looking for people in every nation whose hearts are in synch with His. Such men were the magi¬†of the East who studied the stars with a desire to know their Creator. They knew from tradition that a Messiah was coming who would fill the world with a knowledge of God. With excitement […]