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Know God in a Year #153 How God Wins


In Perea, Jesus sends out seventy disciples as he had sent the twelve before. These are followers who had enjoyed closer fellowship when the twelve were on their mission. His instructions are much the same: heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, except the twelve were sent only to towns of Israel, the […]

Know God in a Year #135 Waiting for Teachable Moments


As Jesus takes his disciples back to Capernaum he avoids the crowds. He wants to prepare them for what is ahead, and he continues to speak to them about his coming betrayal into enemy hands. He has said they’re heading for Jerusalem, so they are thinking it’s “kingdom” time. They’ve been lagging behind, arguing about […]

#74 Don’t Tell Anyone? Seriously?


The crowd is shocked! Nobody touches a leper! But Jesus does! Just reaches right out and touches him! Instantly white scaly skin became as smooth and pink as a child’s, the muscles firm with no sign of atrophy. It’s the same when we come to Jesus asking for cleansing from our past, the response is […]

#167 Back to Life


The commotion of mourners allows Martha to tell Mary privately where Jesus is waiting for her. Immediately Mary runs to him with the same, “If you’d been here my brother wouldn’t have died,” while she sinks at his feet sobbing. She was followed. Now everyone is crying and Jesus cries too, his tender heart breaking with […]

#164 “Be careful how you See”


The wealthy young ruler walked away and Jesus remarks, “How hard it is for those who trust in money to enter God’s kingdom! It is easier for a camel to go through the Eye of a Needle.” I’ve heard there was a  narrow gate near Jerusalem called Eye of a Needle which was difficult for a loaded camel to […]