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Know God in a Year #48 The Results of One Night with Messiah


Nicodemus leaves Jesus a changed man. He begins reading scripture in a new way–not for discussing, but for knowing God–for receiving life, relationship, love. Right at the beginning of his ministry, Jesus gives a detailed outline of His mission to a respected teacher of the Sanhedrin. Never again does He lay out such a complete […]

#49 A Dispute between Disciples


John’s popularity is waning, so Satan sees an opportunity to stir up rivalry. Some rabbis ask John’s disciples why Jesus’ disciples should baptize, since that is John’s thing. They “notice” Jesus’ crowds growing, while John’s are dwindling daily. Upset and defensive, John’s disciples ask him if he is aware that Jesus’ disciples are baptizing–that Jesus is stealing the show. John […]

#33 The App for Jesus’ Win


So, evil comes to us at our weakest. When we are tired, stressed, frustrated, fearful, or grieving, the dark side comes with their suggestions. They blame us or God; accuse Him of evil or neglect. We are tempted to break with God who allows this… to happen. The onlooking universe cheered wildly as Jesus proved that […]

#29 Jesus’ Baptism


Jesus is 30, and still working in what had been Joseph’s carpenter shop, when he hears it. Perhaps he is bent over a chair he’s repairing, and a friend stops by, “Have you been to hear the baptist in the wilderness? Everyone is going.” Jesus feels his heart jump, as He recognizes the signal. John […]

#25 Jesus’ Identity


The critical decade for identity is considered to be age 16-26, being built on the foundation of birth to 7. Did Jesus identity form his religion? Or his religion form his identity? Hard to say; he was connected to God from birth, forming both his identity and religion. Connected from birth? Yes, he was the one […]

#24 Jesus life before Ministry


In Jesus’ time, religion had become synonymous with rules. But even as a child, Jesus ideas about religion were different than those of the rabbis and priests. His whole approach to life and religion were one: to bless others as he understood God blessing everyone regardless of their class or situation. He knew God personally […]

#18 The Gift to the Magi


Unlike the shepherds, the Magi haven’t been prepared for Jesus’ poverty. Arriving in Bethlehem, they again wonder at the absence of any sign of preparation or guard for this baby king. This is highly irregular for the birth of royalty. A descendent of the great King David–so yes, David’s hometown, but why doesn’t anybody know? They […]

#16 The Magi’s Star


God looks for people in every nation whose hearts are in synch with His. Such were the magi–men who studied the stars with a desire to know their Creator. They knew from tradition that a Messiah was coming who would fill the world with a knowledge of God. With excitement they discovered the Hebrew prophecies pointing […]