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Know God in a Year #24 The Religion of Jesus


Even as a child, Jesus ideas about religion were different than those of the rabbis and priests. At that time, religion had become synonymous with rules. But his whole approach to life and religion was one: to bless others as he understood God blessing everyone, regardless of their class, job, or situation. He seemed continually […]

Know God in a Year #23 Finding Jesus


Joseph and Mary are frantic when they finally find Jesus on the third day. Why didn’t they think of the temple? They find him sitting in the classroom conversing with the rabbis, opening their minds with his revealing questions, and they are amazed. The priests and rabbis are caught off-guard by His innocence and authenticity. […]

Know God in a Year #22 You Didn’t Notice? Really?


The events of this story make it easy to see what kind of child Jesus was. I doubt Mary and Joseph are negligent parents, but how can they not notice that Jesus isn’t with them? They obviously don’t worry about him sneaking off, or getting distracted and wandering away. It almost sounds like they take […]

Know God in a Year #21 Passover Brings Understanding at 12


In Jewish culture, twelve was when a boy was perceived to leave childhood and become “a son of the law” and “a son of God.” And so as expected, Jesus at twelve, accompanies Mary and Joseph on their annual journey. This is the only Biblical story of Jesus’ childhood, his trip to Jerusalem for Passover–the […]

Know God in a Year #20 Why Jesus Didn’t “Go to School”


We know from the remarks of the rabbis that Jesus did not attend their schools. Yet they were amazed at his knowledge and understanding of the scriptures.* The story of his first Passover in Jerusalem gives evidence of his original mind and independent thinking. Jesus was homeschooled by his parents and God. His mother was […]

Know God in a Year #19 Child Development


After Herod’s death, Joseph was directed to return home to Nazareth. In this poor mountain village, Jesus developed naturally according to the stages of childhood, learning who he was. Significant is the brief account of His early years. “The child grew…strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and…in favor with God and man.” Two statements that […]

Know God in a Year #18 The Gift of Recognition


Unlike the shepherds, the Magi haven’t been prepared for Jesus’ poverty. They still expect, at the least, a royal entourage. Arriving in Bethlehem, they again wonder at the absence of any sign of preparation for this awesome event or any guard for this baby king. This is highly irregular for the birth of royalty. He’s […]

Know God in a Year #17 Guided by God


The Magi are scholars, honest-hearted men, but the priests in Jerusalem cannot concede that God would pass by them and tell these “heathen.” They won’t be taught by them! They won’t even go to Bethlehem to investigate! A bit of a spectacle, these Magi, entering Jerusalem on their camels decked out for royalty, had made […]

Know God in a Year #16 The Star for the Magi


One night three¬†students of the stars¬†see an explosion of light in the far sky that seems to leave a new star. They know it isn’t anything fixed or familiar. And the conviction that it is special begins to grow. Have we seen it for a reason? They wonder. God is always looking for people in […]

Know God in a Year #15 The Comfort of Foreshadowing


Simeon turns from praising God, to Mary, “This child is destined to be a sign which men reject. Your heart will be pierced also.” he begins. God is speaking prophetically through Simeon to prepare Mary for the rejection of Jesus. He continues, “Many in Israel will fall and rise again because of Him, and the […]