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Know God in a Year #239 When Hope is Gone God Provides


Pilate is surprised by Joseph’s request; he’s never heard of anyone dying six hours after crucifixion. The priests had warned him about deception, so after checking with the centurion, and hearing his account, he gives Joseph permission to have Jesus’ body. Both Joseph and Nicodemus have lost all fear of priests and fellow rulers. They […]

Know God in a Year #238 Five Forever Changed


After the earthquake, unearthly stillness covers the crucifixion site. Many who had joined the crowd from curiosity, and were caught up in crying for his death, now accused by their consciences, go home, strangely silent. Five men are forever changed that day: three are the centurion, the thief, and the cross carrier. But the priests […]

Know God in a Year #237 So Why Isn’t the War Over?


Unfortunately, when Jesus died this long controversy between God and Satan wasn’t over. Jesus had won the war, but huge questions lingered in the universe–especially about death. Unless answered, evil would survive to rise again. Security means full transparency. Even the walls of the New Jerusalem are described as transparent.* God had been operating with […]

Know God in a Year #236 The Deceiver Unmasked


Ever since his success with Adam, Satan has tried to ruin the minds and hearts of humans. God has countered, working for their uplifting, even adding hatred of evil into our broken natures.* The questioning universe watched. When Jesus entered our world, Satan was amazed that God would actually become a human, and focused his […]

Know God in a Year #235 What the Watching Universe Saw


Jesus’ cry, “IT IS FINISHED!” rang from world to world through the universe with great celebration. The battle over, earth was won. Jesus, as the second Adam, had succeeded as a man; and ransomed our world from Satan! But even bigger was the assurance that the universe was eternally secure. The truth about God and […]

Know God in a Year #234 No Coincidence


 The people around the cross stand as if paralyzed, holding their breath, gazing at Jesus. Again the darkness settles and a horrific rumbling is heard deep in the earth.  Terror grabs priests, soldiers, friends, enemies, and the curious as a violent earthquake shakes them to the  ground. Thunder and lightening increase the deafening noise and […]

Know God in a Year #233 When God Lets Go


The intense darkness over the area lifts from the hill after three hours, but it still covers Jesus and Jerusalem. The Father covers his son’s last agony of death and His house. About three o’clock Jesus cries, “My God, my God, why have You abandoned me?” God isn’t killing Jesus; he is suffering the wrath […]

Know God in a Year #232 His Compassion Doesn’t Stop


Hearing the words of the condemned man, Jesus’ heart lifts with joy, strengthening him. In the hush of anticipation, His melodious, caring voice responds immediately to the thief, “I promise you today, (even though it looks hopeless) you will be with me in paradise.” A  gleam of sunlight pierces the dark– the affirming token of his success. […]

Know God in a Year #231 One Last Choice


The soldiers thrust the cross into the hole made for it, causing agony to Jesus. “I’m thirsty,” he says from the cross, hanging between heaven and earth. A soldier brings a sedating mix for pain, but after tasting it, Jesus refuses it. His mind must be clear. Faith is all he has to keep hold […]

Know God in a Year #230 Evil Gives the Worst to the Best


Arriving at the hill that looks like a skull, the victims are fastened to their crosses. The jealous priests have arranged for Jesus to be in the middle, signifying that he was the worst of them. The thieves struggle, but Jesus doesn’t.  As the spikes are positioned, John lifts Jesus’ fainting mother away. She revives […]