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Know God in a Year #150 Loved like You’re the Only One!


The Pharisees have just driven from the synagogue one coming to God through another doorway than theirs. Compare that with Jesus saying he is our shepherd and the door to the sheepfold. He has described his effect on us as refreshing water, and life-giving sunlight. He has also compared himself to a shepherd for his disciples. […]

Know God in a Year #149 Those Who Think They See


Trying to discredit him, Pharisees again interrogate the formerly-blind man, “Exactly what did he do?” Satan assists them in thinking they can confuse and control him–he’s uneducated– so they suggest, “Maybe this is from the devil…” But Spirit gives him words, “I’ve told you what happened, why do you ask again? Do you want to […]

Know God in a Year #148 The Power of Closed Minds


When the formerly-blind man goes back to his neighborhood, people say, “Is this the blind guy that begged? He looks so different!” “It’s me.” He assures them, and tells how Jesus healed him. “You’ve gotta have the Priests certify this!” they say, and they all accompany him. The Pharisees are amazed at his story, but […]

Know God in a Year #147 Does Suffering Come from God?


Leaving the temple, Jesus and company walk past a man who was born blind. His disciples, nervous over Jesus’ near stoning and wanting to talk about anything else, ask, “Master, who caused this man’s blindness? His own sin or his parents’ sin?” They have grown up steeped in a culture that believes suffering is judgment […]

Know God in a Year #146 Able to See Truth


The Pharisees have again attempted to discredit Jesus to the people by bringing up his questionable birth. saying, “God is our father.” Jesus doesn’t give their insinuation any attention. “If God were your father you would love me because I came from Him. You act like your father, the devil–a liar and a murderer–and the […]

Know God in a Year #145 The Truth Makes You Free


Jesus isn’t played by Pharisees to announce he is their Messiah. He goes beyond that– claiming oneness with God. “If you follow me, you will know the truth, and the Truth will make you free.” “We are Abraham’s descendents and aren’t enslaved to anyone.” The teachers are talking about spiritual freedom–Romans are all around reminding them of […]

Know God in a Year #144 The Light


Later, after forgiving the adulteress, Jesus is teaching as the morning sun comes over Mt. Olivet and hits the gold and the white marble of the temple. Pointing to the dazzling reflection of sunlight he says, “I am the light of the world,” a powerful declaration of his identity, recorded later by John.* The night […]

Know God in a Year #143 A New Beginning


The woman cowers before Jesus, eyes to the ground, waiting for rocks to start hitting her. His words, “The one who hasn’t sinned may cast the first stone,” sounded like a death sentence. Eyes to the ground, she is amazed when feet turn and walk away. Jesus stands up and asks, “Where are your accusers? […]

Know God in a Year #142 Religion vs. the Kindness of God


The Sanhedrin, frustrated in their plans and silenced by Nicodemus, leave and go to their homes. Jesus turns to the quiet of the olive orchards on Olivet needing time alone with God. Spies have dogged his steps every day of the festival looking to trap him in a word or action. He’s exhausted. Early the […]

Know God in a Year #141 Water that Satisfies


On the morning of the last day of their Thanksgiving festival is the ceremony symbolizing the water that flowed when Moses struck the rock in the wilderness. A beautiful and impressive feast of color and sound, it teaches that God provides. Afterwards, Jesus sees the people weary from festivities that dazzle them, but do nothing […]