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Know God in a Year #108 The Compassionate Boss


Jesus’ disciples were putting everything into their work for the people, and Jesus knows they are physically and mentally exhausted. So he teaches them to rest; that God requires mercy for ourselves, not sacrifice. He is compassionate and has tender care for all in His service. Jesus’ life demonstrated his need for alone time with […]

Know God in a Year #107 Rest in Correction


The disciples return having so much to share with Jesus, but they can hardly get a few words in without someone interrupting. People are coming and going, bringing their sick ones for healing; there isn’t even a chance to eat! Jesus desires time alone with them, and suggests they go up to the uninhabited northern […]

Know God in a Year #106 Mission Impossible or So It Seems


Raise the dead? the disciples must have questioned! Us? cast out demons? Surely you jest. But the disciples, even though still rough around the edges and still learning, know Jesus well enough to know when he is playing and when he isn’t. So they divvy up the towns and leave. With every dusty step, they […]

Know God in a Year #105 Experience is the Best Teacher


Jesus knows his disciples need some solo hours in their life’s work as his representatives. Up until now they have just been watching, assisting wherever they can. Going out on their own will give them experience for the future, while he is here to counsel and correct. His instruction is simple: “Preach ‘The kingdom of […]

Know God in a Year #104 What is Death?


Just then someone from Jairus’s house approaches. Jairus pales as he gets the message, “Your daughter has died. Don’t bother Jesus to come.” Jesus hears and reassures him, “Don’t be afraid,¬† just believe, and she will be all right.” He picks up the pace for him. Jairus has just seen someone healed by touching Jesus, […]

Know God in a Year #103 The Healing Power of Love


Peter and the others can’t believe Jesus has stopped. Jairus is impatient and nervous. “I felt healing power leave me,” explains Jesus, “somebody touched me with purpose.” The woman, joyfully realizing her healing, is trying to slip away, grateful and content. But seeing it isn’t possible, she comes forward tearfully telling the story of how […]

Know God in a Year #102 Focused Faith


Crowds await Jesus on the other side of the lake. Graciously he spends the afternoon talking with them and healing their sick. Then he heads to Matthew’s for a special dinner. The ruler of the synagogue desperately goes to Matthew’s after dinner, saying, “Please come and¬†touch my daughter. She is dying.” Immediately Jesus leaves with […]

Know God in a Year #101 Sent Away


The people of Gadara were engrossed in materialism–not interested in spiritual life. Jesus permitted the loss as a merciful way to refocus them, but fear has them now, and they ask Jesus to leave. He understands. Loss, fear and the supernatural create superstition. As he walks to the boat, the two healed men beg to […]

Know God in a Year #100 Of Pigs and Men


Dawn breaks as Jesus and his friends reach the other side of the lake. Sunrise kisses water and land with peace. They step onto land and the peace shatters. More scary than storms, two demon-possessed men rush at them.* Fragments of broken chains hang about them, their skin bleeding from cutting themselves, their eyes glaring […]

Know God in a Year #99 “Be Still”


(continued from yesterday…) A huge wave crashes over the boat. Hope fails. Skill and strength are useless and the disciples’ boat fills with water. Several of them are fisherman; their whole lives have been spent battling the storms of this lake, but they are losing this one. Fighting the wind and the waves, they forget […]