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Know God in a Year #46 Seriously?


Jesus knows Nicodemus feels secure in God’s favor, believing that his good deeds and liberal giving earn him a place in God’s kingdom. So Jesus goes deep, saying, “You can’t enter God’s kingdom unless you are born again.” Birth was a common metaphor used for converts to Judaism. This isn’t a foreign concept to him, […]

Know God in a Year #45 A True Seeker


Nicodemus was wealthy, educated, and¬† talented. An honored member of the Sanhedrin and a man of influence, he found himself drawn to this poor Galilean. He had been concerned about the racketeering, and was there when Jesus cleared the temple. Secretly moved with gratitude, he had watched the people come and be healed; he saw […]

Know God in a Year #44 After Cleansing Comes True Worship


Finally the terrified priests and temple officers regain their composure and return to the temple. What a difference they find! The temple is now filled with the praise of the healed. The blind see Jesus face, the deaf hear his voice, the mute shout his praise–the first healings of his ministry. Smiling children come and […]

Know God in a Year #43 The Power of Choice is All-Powerful


The same commanding voice that made Mt. Sinai quake, now rings through the temple, “Get these things out of here!” Once again the people tremble. The priests and vendors rush to get away. The cords in his hand seem like a terrible scourge even though no one is hit. The racketeers leave their money trying […]

Know God in a Year #42 A Flash of Divinity


From the wedding, Jesus and his six friends spend a few days with his family in Capernaum. Then leaving for Jerusalem to attend Passover–his first since entering his ministry–they walk with a large crowd. It’s Spring, the people are light-hearted,¬†green grass and flowers decorate the countryside, and the conversation always goes to talking about Messiah […]

Know God in a Year #41 First Event a Wedding?


Who would have thought that Jesus’ first public appearance, after being announced Messiah, would be to attend a wedding! His plan to show what God was like consisted of coming and being with us as a man; but his first event, a wedding? his first miracle, blessing human joy? How unreligious! Religious leaders at that […]

Know God in a Year #40 Expectations and Boundaries


Jesus’ boundary for his mother, “This is not my concern, nor my time,” were about her expectation, not her request. Everyone expected the Messiah to set up his kingdom then. His words address this expectation–it is not time to be king. They don’t understand that first Jesus has to show the universe God’s love, and […]

Know God in a Year #38 The Thrill of Discovery


Jesus’ waits for Abba to lead through Ruach. Two followers of John hear his endorsement and follow Jesus home–spending the afternoon. Then one of them, Andrew, gets his brother Peter. The next day Jesus calls Phillip, who has been praying with Nathanael for Messiah’s coming. Phillip runs to Nathanael, “We have found HIM! Jesus of […]

Know God in a Year #37 “Messiah is Here!” John says 3 Times!


John hasn’t seen Jesus for over five weeks–since he baptized Him. Almost impatiently he has waited for Jesus to declare himself the Messiah or give some sign to the people, but nothing. Finally, as scribes question, he sees Him among the crowd: pale, thin, haggard, even. John alone recognizes the Messiah, and he can’t help […]

Know God in a Year #36 Not What They Wanted


While Jesus is gone to the wilderness, John is drawn back to study the prophecies in Isaiah. His own words “Lamb of God” had surprised him, and had put new meaning on Messiah’s work, and while he still doesn’t understand that the Christ’s suffering ministry precedes a later conquering one, he knows there is more […]