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Know God in a Year #1 God’s Problem


Why would God come here? And how could He? If Adonai had to stop the warm hugs, the harmonious conversations, the joyful, affectionate laughter of Eden so His presence wouldn’t cause death to Adam and Eve, how could He be “God with us”? And why would He want to? Remember the perfect world God created? […]

Know God in a Year #259 The End and the Beginning


And so ends our journey through the life of Jesus. For a year we’ve walked with Him who gave us the best and clearest picture of God ever shared with humanity–“God with us.” I hope you know God better, have fallen in love with Him through Jesus, and see the larger view of the war […]

Know God in a Year #256 Your Mission: Come


Jesus’ commission–to be loved and then to love– is your mission if you accept it, and includes everyone who hears and receives His love until this world ends. To everyone, He says, “Come.” Receive Him, and you are gifted with Ruach’s marvelous power–active in you–co-mission. Don’t be afraid or worry how you will work for […]

Know God in a Year #215 Religious Trap


It is past midnight as the mob and priests lead Jesus from the garden, past olive groves and into the city to Annas’ house, who is head of the priests. Because of age he is recognized as high priest, though Caiaphas holds the office. People hear him as if he speaks for God. He doesn’t trust the […]

Know God in a Year #211 The Last Contest Begins


Jesus feels his Father’s presence fading. Satan is there to suggest that the separation will last forever. From now on you will be identified with my kingdom, never again one with your Father, he whispers. And for what? These people don’t appreciate you anyway. They don’t even understand you. They will fight wars and kill […]

Know God in a Year #130 Two Laws in Collision


For six days the disciples are depressed, talking sadly together, questioning each other in low tones, afraid to ask Jesus more. He gives them time to process their feelings, knowing their difficulty. They can’t see the cosmic view of two laws in conflict: the Law of Death, and the Law of Life. Satan has activated […]

Know God in a Year #48 The Results of One Night with Messiah


Nicodemus leaves Jesus a changed man. He begins reading scripture in a new way–not for discussing, but for knowing God–for receiving life, relationship, love. Right at the beginning of his ministry, Jesus gives a detailed outline of His mission to a respected teacher of the Sanhedrin. Never again does He lay out such a complete […]

Know God in a Year #2 God Puts Himself on Trial!


Introductory note: “In the beginning was God.” Literally the Hebrew Intro “Elohim”–plural–there is one God and three beings fill that position. So I call Them–Abba [aka Father], Adonai [aka Jesus], Ruach [aka Holy Spirit] in my series Love’s Playbook, the Bible with backstory. These blogs reflect that. You may find it awkward in the beginning. […]

Know God in a Year–#50 Favor for an Outcast


When Jesus hears about the Pharisees stirring up jealousy, he and his few disciples leave Judea and go to Galilee. He “needs” to go through Samaria to meet someone, and avoid dissension. In the beautiful valley of Shechem is a well, the pride of the people, built by Jacob. Jesus is thirsty, tired, hot, and […]

Know God in a Year–# 52 God Shares Secrets with an Outcast Woman


Jesus’ answer to the Samaritan woman is full of courtesy but he doesn’t hide. He allows her to steer the conversation away from her, and he steps right into centuries of controversy with decisive words, watching for an opening to get back to her heart. “The time is coming when the place of worship won’t […]