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Know God in a Year #14 Confirmation of Messiah


Simeon just happens to walk into the temple while Jesus is being dedicated. Just happens? No, Simeon has such a connection with God that he has heard His Spirit tell him he will not die before he has seen the Messiah. This morning he feels unusually drawn to the temple. Entering, he suddenly “knows” why […]

Know God in a Year–Introduction to God-in-a-Box


Do you ever want more from life? Ever feel empty? A longing for you-don’t-know-what? It really isn’t a malfunction. God put that in you to lead you to Him–the One who satisfies. Years ago I read a book touted to be the #1 book on Jesus’ life in the U.S. Library of Congress. But it […]

Know God in a Year #242 Nothing Keeps God Down–The Resurrection


It is just before dawn on Sunday morning. At Jesus’ tomb many soldiers are keeping watch, along with many beings they can’t see.  A great number of evil angels are there with Satan hoping to keep the Son of God from coming out of his grave. But Jesus’ angels, excelling in strength, are there too. […]

Know God in a Year #224 A Hard Choice?


Some soldiers, instigated by demons, put a purple robe on Jesus after they’ve beat him 39 times with leather thongs studded with bone. They make him a “crown” out of the thorn bush. They must have been desperate to lighten the stress of such obviously inappropriate treatment, so they mock him king, abusing him both […]

Know God in a Year #216 An Oath Turns Backwards


The Jews wanted their Messiah to control and overwhelm their enemies with power and glory… Jesus knew what they wanted, and his biggest temptation was to give it to them by laying out his cruel tormentors in a flash of divine power. To be surrounded by people under the control of Satan was revolting to him. […]

Know God in a Year #207 True Identity


Jesus sees their confusion over hearing that he is leaving–they are baffled–don’t even know what to ask. He knows discouragement and depression make an easy target for Satan, so he draws them out. “You know where I’m going and you know the way.” Thomas speaks the doubt he struggles with, saying, “Lord, we don’t know […]

Know God in a Year #206 Anxious Hearts


After Judas leaves, Jesus focuses on the joy of his mission’s outcome. “It’s time for Messiah to be known, and God in him.” He’s joyful that his suffering will clear God’s name, showing His true character to the universe, redeeming man. Spirit shows him the joy and celebration that will spread from world to world throughout […]

Know God in a Year #132 More than Asked


The answer to Jesus prayer brought more than asked. The disciples awaken and reorient to their surroundings. They see Jesus radiant and glowing with light like they’ve never seen. As their eyes adjust, they see him speaking with Moses and Elijah. They’ve never seen them, yet they know them. This must be the rescue they’ve […]

Know God in a Year #104 What is Death?


Just then someone from Jairus’s house approaches. Jairus pales as he gets the message, “Your daughter has died. Don’t bother Jesus to come.” Jesus hears and reassures him, “Don’t be afraid,  just believe, and she will be all right.” He picks up the pace for him. Jairus has just seen someone healed by touching Jesus, […]

Know God in a Year #93 A Funeral Ruined


The next morning Jesus and many followers leave for Nain, a mountain village about 20 miles from Capernaum. All along the way people join them, wanting to be in Jesus’ presence, bringing their sick for healing. This joy-filled crowd nears the gate of Nain and sees a funeral procession coming out on the way to […]