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Know God in a Year #19 Child Development


After Herod’s death, Joseph was directed to return home to Nazareth. In this poor mountain village, Jesus developed according to the natural stages of childhood, learning who he was. Significant is the brief account of His early years. “The child grew…strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and…in favor with God and man.” Two statements that […]

Know God in a Year #17 Guided by God


These Magi entering Jerusalem on their camels, decked out for royalty, look spectacular and make the news of their questions and their mission spread like fire. They are scholars, honest-hearted men, but the priests in Jerusalem cannot concede that God would pass by them and tell these “heathen.” They won’t be taught by them! They […]

Know God in a Year #15 The Comfort of Foreshadowing


Simeon turns from praising God, to Mary, “This child is destined to be a sign which men reject.  The sword of sadness will pierce your heart also.”  he begins. God is speaking prophetically through Simeon to prepare Mary for the rejection of Jesus. He continues, “Many in Israel will fall and rise again because of […]

Know God in a Year #14 Confirmation of Messiah


Simeon just happens to walk into the temple while Jesus is being dedicated. Just happens? No, Simeon has such a connection with God that he has heard Ruach tell him he will not die before he has seen the Messiah. This morning he feels unusually drawn to the temple. Entering, he suddenly “knows” why he […]

Know God in a Year #13 The First Born


A baby’s cry pierces the stillness of the temple. It is Jesus’ eighth day and He has just been circumcised as a promise to obey God’s law. An infant promising? It was for the  parents to promise to teach him God’s law. Boundaries are so important to child development in feeling safe. Every first-born son […]

Know God in a Year #12 The Unbelievable Reality


The shepherds collect themselves in the darkness, still seeing the brightest picture in their minds, still hearing the sweetest music, and say, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see what God has shared with us!” They find Joseph and Mary and the baby in the manger under the star just as predicted. When they see Him […]

Know God in a Year #11 God’s Birth Announcement


In the same fields where David watched sheep as a boy, shepherds are lying by the fire, talking of the promised Messiah, unaware that a massive angel choir is waiting for their signal to burst into sight and song announcing the Christ’s birth. God sets up such sweet surprises for those who care. Why shepherds? […]

Know God in a Year #7 Our Do-over


The universe held it’s collective breath. God had started over before, would He do it again? The vast creation was on high alert–it was obvious humans couldn’t lift themselves out of evil. It appeared that Satan was winning his campaign, misery and evil were rampant. If God cleared the world again, as He certainly must, Satan was […]

Know God in a Year #6 Emotional Filters are Strong


Emotional filters keep us from hearing and seeing what’s right in front of us. That’s how the Jewish religion could be all about the Messiah and yet miss him. Their religion was tweaked by the pain of being conquered and controlled by the Romans. It made them long for physical and political rescue. Some records […]

Know God in a Year #4 Blessed Beyond Belief


Nearly 2,000 years after creating earth, God’s plan was in trouble. Most humans were angry, blaming God. They decided to make their own rules, they didn’t need God–they were good enough. Other people began creating gods like them–angry gods–violence was everywhere, even in religion. God was seeking someone to really know and trust Them, someone […]