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Know God in a Year #233 When God Lets Go


The intense darkness over the area lifts from the hill after three hours, but it still covers Jesus and Jerusalem. The Father covers his son’s last agony of death and His house. About three o’clock Jesus cries, “My God, my God, why have You abandoned me?” God isn’t killing Jesus; he is suffering the wrath […]

Know God in a Year #232 His Compassion Doesn’t Stop


Hearing the words of the condemned man, Jesus’ heart lifts with joy, strengthening him. In the hush of anticipation, His melodious, caring voice responds immediately to the thief, “I promise you today, (right now–even though I look helpless) you will be with me in paradise.” A  gleam of sunlight pierces the dark– the affirming token of his […]

Know God in a Year #231 One Last Choice


The soldiers thrust the cross into the hole made for it, causing agony to Jesus. “I’m thirsty,” he says from the cross, hanging between heaven and earth. A soldier brings a sedating mix for pain, but after tasting it, Jesus refuses it. His mind must be clear. Faith is all he has to keep hold […]

Know God in a Year #230 Evil Gives the Worst to the Best


Arriving at the hill that looks like a skull, the victims are fastened to their crosses. The jealous priests have arranged for Jesus to be in the middle, signifying that he was the worst of them. The thieves struggle, but Jesus doesn’t.  As the spikes are positioned, John lifts Jesus’ fainting mother away. She revives […]

Know God in a Year #228 Spirit Provides


The Holy Spirit (one of the three-in-one Godhead called Ruach in Hebrew) is extremely busy. Not only is Jesus completely relying on Him and has been all night through all kinds of emotional and physical torture and temptation, but Ruach will keep him through the worst–when he feels totally separated from the Love that has […]

Know God in a Year #227 Compassion Prevails


The cross made for Barabbas is laid on Jesus’ bleeding shoulders. He tries to carry it and falls. All night he’s been under stress, no sleep, nothing to eat or drink, walking from place to place, subjected to horrible abuse. The garden experience alone would have killed him; but strengthened by an angel, he went […]

Know God in a Year #226 Does God Want Revenge?


Why did Judas and Pilate commit suicide? and the Jews have so much suffering? Does God get revenge? The answer is in: All the world’s a stage for God’s character. But we live in the war zone between good and evil. Humans are born under evil’s curse, and can no longer live in God’s physical […]

Know God in a Year #225 Religion Becomes a Curse


Outside Pilate’s hall a mob screams “Crucify him!” “Why? What evil has he done?” Pilate shouts above the roar. Then waiting for it to subside, asks as if horrified, “Shall I crucify your king?” “We have no king but Caesar!” a priest yells back, wondering at Pilate; and the cry is picked up by the […]

Know God in a Year #224 A Hard Choice?


Some soldiers, instigated by demons, put a purple robe on Jesus after they’ve beat him 39 times with leather thongs studded with bone. They make him a “crown” out of the thorn bush. They must have been desperate to lighten the stress of such obviously inappropriate treatment, so they mock him as king, abusing him […]

Know God in a Year #223 The Tragic Flaw of Pleasing


Herod isn’t about to condemn Jesus, so he sends him back to Pilate, who isn’t happy to see him. Pilate’s tragic flaw is indecision mixed with pleasing. Justice hasn’t been his rule, and now he finds it difficult to oppose the clamoring of priests and people. “I told you I find no guilt in him. […]