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Know God in a Year #13 The First Born


A baby’s cry pierced the stillness of the temple. It was Jesus’ eighth day and He had just been circumcised as a pledge of obedience to God’s law. Every first-born son of Israel was circumcised and dedicated to God as a priest and a symbol of the expected Messiah. After Moses, the tribe of Levi […]

Know God in a Year #237 So Why Isn’t the War Over?


Unfortunately, when Jesus died this long controversy between God and Satan wasn’t over. Jesus had won the war, but huge questions lingered in the universe–especially about death. Unless answered, evil would survive to rise again. Security means full transparency. Even the walls of the New Jerusalem are described as transparent.* God had been operating with […]

Know God in a Year #204 New Symbols of New Life


The system of ceremonies pointing to Jesus’ death for 4,000 years is passing away. The lamb provided by God is fulfilling it, offering the gift of His Life and Presence. After accepting instruction that serving no way detracts from dignity, and having their hearts washed, the disciplesĀ feel clean–forgiven. In their new state of humility and […]