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Know God in a Year #47 Symbolism of the Serpent


In Jesus’ presence Nicodemus feels his need of change. The cloud lifts from his mind and he begins to understand Ezekiel’s promise of God gifting a new heart. He had never understood that the most careful obedience is worthless without a love relationship to God. He had read all the scriptures with a righteously closed […]

Know God in a Year #25 Identity


The critical decade for identity is considered to be age 16-26, the latter age being when human brains have finished developing, built on the all-important foundation of birth to 7 years. Did Jesus identity form his religion? Or did his religion form his identity? Hard to say; he was connected to God from birth, forming both […]

Know God in a Year #20 Why Jesus Didn’t “Go to School”


We know from the remarks of the rabbis that Jesus did not attend their schools. Yet they were amazed at his knowledge and understanding of the scriptures.* The story of his first Passover in Jerusalem gives evidence of his original mind and independent thinking. Jesus was homeschooled by his parents and God. His mother was […]

Know God in a Year #2 God Puts Himself on Trial!


“In the beginning was God.” Literally the Hebrew is “Elohim”–plural–there is one God and three beings fill that position. So I refer to Them as They–Abba [aka Father], Adonai [aka Jesus], Ruach [aka Holy Spirit] in the Bible I am writing, Love’s Playbook. This year I going to attempt to update these blogs to reflect […]

Know God in a Year #187 Never Be Disappointed


When King Solomon’s temple was being built, the stones were prepared for building at the quarry. No tools were to be heard on site. The stones were brought and fit seamlessly together in their places. One unusually large stone was brought to the site that didn’t seem to fit anywhere. It became  annoying to the […]

Know God in a Year #186 Cracking Stone Hearts


Jesus has the Pharisees’ attention, and knowing his death is a few days away, he speaks boldly, trying with everything he has to open the eyes and hearts of the leaders of his nation. This is for them. A few Pharisees were baptized by John, but for the most part, the leaders rejected that he […]

21 Understanding comes at Twelve!


In Jewish culture, twelve was when a boy was perceived to leave childhood and become “a son of the law” and “a son of God.” And so as expected, Jesus at twelve, accompanies Mary and Joseph on their annual journey. This is the only Biblical story of Jesus’ childhood, his trip to Jerusalem for Passover–the […]

#260 Here’s to Easter!


Because Easter is irregular and comes at greatly varying intervals, scheduling God-in-a-Box to fall in synch with it has been a challenge. Next week is leading up to Easter Sunday, and instead of restarting the whole God-in-a-Box cycle of blogs, I’m impressed to retell the resurrection. So next week you’ll be receiving blogs on the resurrection, written […]

#37 Messiah is Here!


John hasn’t seen Jesus since he baptized Him–over five weeks. Impatiently he’s waited for Jesus to declare himself the Messiah or give some sign to the people, but nothing. Finally, as scribes question, he sees Him among the crowd, pale, thin, haggard, even. John alone recognizes the Messiah, and he can’t help himself, it’s as if […]