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Know God in a Year #238 Five Forever Changed

After the earthquake, unearthly stillness covers the crucifixion site.
Many who had joined the crowd from curiosity, and were caught up in crying for his death, now accused by their consciences, go home, strangely silent.
Five men are forever changed that day: three of them are the centurion, the thief, and the cross carrier.
But the priests are not changed.  And strangely fearful now, they are not wishing the bodies to hang on their crosses over Passover, so they ask Pilate to break their legs to hasten death and take them down for the Sabbath. They have killed the creator of the Sabbath and are still worried about keeping it!
Pilate gives the order; but the soldier fulfilling it, sees Jesus is already dead, and doesn’t break his legs, fulfilling prophecy.*
The priests’ uneasiness grows. They can’t believe Jesus is dead, and feel more afraid of the dead Messiah than the living one. They suggest the soldiers make sure Jesus is dead, so a soldier puts his spear in his side and out comes two streams: blood and water, suggesting that he died from a broken heart.  Another prophecy fulfilled.**
John and several women watch, agonizing over the thought of Jesus going into the graveyard made for criminals. Their faith in him is gone, but they have never loved him more. If only they had money, or at least influence with Pilate!
Now the other two changed men, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, come forward. Both have secretly been disciples of Jesus, hoping to protect him, and  both are wealthy and know Pilate. Joseph goes to him and asks for Jesus’ body. Convicted, they become bold; their faith secure.
Matthew 27:55-61,  Mark 15:40-47,  Luke 23:48-52,  John 19:31-38, *Numbers 9:12 **Psalm 69:20

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