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Know God in a Year #126 The Sign of Authenticity

The thing is, the Pharisees and Sadducees have been given many signs that Jesus is who he claims to be–their Messiah.
First, they have had signs in the heavens: They are aware that angels had announced and celebrated his birth to shepherds. They have heard about the special star that guided the Magi to him. They have known about the dove of light and the voice from heaven at his baptism.
Second, they know the scriptures, that Jesus is doing the very work prophesied of Messiah: healing disease, casting out demons, raising the dead, preaching hope and God’s love to the poor. He is setting God’s oppressed people free.*
But the catch is Jesus’ miracles call them out because they are so indifferent to human suffering–often causing it. He won’t give a sign at the demand of pride and unbelief.
Again and again, they have seen the prisoners of Satan set free. They witness the change in hearts as well as bodies, the transformation of character. But they miss the sign–the highest evidence that he is here as Messiah–the presence of the Holy Spirit empowering everything he says and does, revealing the character of God.
Their hypocrisy comes from their self-glorifying spirit. Exalting self is their purpose. Wanting an easier way than submission to God, they pretend holiness! (Truly NOT easier!)
The religion of Jesus is authenticity. He lived on earth to show us what God is like. The keynote of His life was, “Father, make Your name shine. Make Your character known.”
Matthew 16:1,4,12  Mark 8:11,12,21, *Isaiah 60:1

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