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Know God in a Year #176 A Defense of Love

(Continued from yesterday)
Judas begins audibly whispering to the others, “What a waste!  All that money could have been given to the poor!”
He’s the money-keeper of the disciples and often dips into their funds for his own use. But he is crafty, and to cover himself, he often remarks on what he terms “wasteful spending.” Seeing a year’s wages poured onto Jesus out of gratitude and love is a huge contrast with his own hard heart, and causes a seismic reaction.
The disciples, ever impressed with Judas, pick it up and continue it; not realizing they are criticizing Jesus, as well as Mary who suddenly becomes conscious of the murmur around the table.
She becomes embarrassed, flustered, and begins to shrink, just wanting to get away. Does Jesus think she’s wasteful? Surely Martha will have something to say! What if she says it in front of everyone! If only she’d thought this through!
Jesus sees her distress and embarrassment, and raising his voice above the murmuring says, “Leave her alone. She has done a beautiful thing for me. You’ll always have the poor, you can do for them anytime you want, but you won’t always have me. Mary has anointed me for burial ahead of time. And wherever my story is shared, her story will be told also–because of her love.”
Jesus could have justly unmasked and revealed Judas’ true character as a thief, but he wouldn’t give the slightest reason for Judas’ betrayal by calling him out or confronting him.
Matthew 26:8-13,  Mark 14:4-9,  Luke 7:36-38,  John 12:3-8

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